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Implant Dentist Vancouver Offers Free Consultation for Radical New Dentistry Practice

Dr Shahdad Ayoughi announces dental implant replacement as permanent alternative to cosmetic dental changes, with free consultation to discuss options.


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Early in the 20th Century it was a common practice in some parts of the world when individuals lost some of their teeth to simply remove the rest and replace them with dentures, meaning they would never again suffer from the problems associated with tooth decay, abscesses and the like. With the benefit of modern technology, this practice looks as if it may come full circle, and one dentist in Vancouver is ahead of the curve with a radical new offer on cosmetic dentistry, offering to replace teeth with dental implants instead of bleaching or straightening.

Dental Implants Vancouver is the website of Dr Shahdad Ayoughi, who is pioneering the new service within Canada. To help promote what at first may seem like a radical premise, Dr Ayoughi is offering free consultations to discuss the procedure.

DDental Implants Vancouver already contains a great deal of information on the process through which dental implants work, replacing the existing imperfect teeth with digitally modeled implants identical to real teeth but impervious to imperfections caused by plaque, tooth decay and irregular growth. The cost of dental implants in Vancouver is also be discussed.

The implants are fitted directly into the gum line but do not interfere with the nervous system of the patient, and fit naturally into the impression left by the original tooth, while correcting its outward visual appearance. This permanent replacement cannot be discerned from the original tooth, or in the case of multiple teeth, can be intelligently designed to correct dental appearance without the need for years of wearing braces.

A spokesperson for Dental Implants Vancouver explained, “While the treatment may seem somewhat radical, once people get over the initial shock it quickly becomes clear that the advantages are so numerous as to make it the obvious way forward. Perfect teeth forever, without the need for retainers or moulds to hook single dentures around the existing teeth. It’s an evolution in dentistry that we’ve been waiting for a long time, and after a free consultation, individuals will be sure to see the advantages.”

About Dental Implants Vancouver
Dental Implants Vancouver is a new website offering a service exclusively available from the dental practice of Dr Shahdad Ayoughi, wherein imperfect, broken, rotten or damaged teeth are replaced with dental implants, a new innovation that has all the advantages of both natural teeth and dentures. For more information, please visit: