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Implant Recycling Offers Medical Facilities Free Recycling Containers - Bradley Wasserman Michigan


Sterling Heights, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2018 -- Implant Recycling's CEO, Bradley Wasserman of Sterling Heights, Michigan, is proud to announce free recycling containers for medical facilities. Recycling containers are part of the cremation recycling services offered at Implant Recycling. This move represents the company's commitment to supporting recycling efforts at medical facilities.

Each year, an increase in orthopedic implants leads to a rise in metallic waste going to landfills. However, with free recycling containers from Implant Recycling, keeps possibly harmful metallic by-products from the cremation process from polluting landfills.

When your container is full, Implant Recyclings picks it up at no cost. It's an easy way to reduce your ecological footprint and increase your charitable giving — Bradley Wasserman's company in Michigan donates any funds from melting down of material to an organization benefiting the crematorium or healthcare industry.

What happens next?

Once Implant Recycling have collected the box, their team of environmental consultants carries out a metal flow analysis as well as a waste stream audit, which is free of charge. This analysis will help you understand the amount of waste your facility is processing each month.

With the information from the audit, Implant Recycling develops an updated waste guideline for your medical facility. In turn, this improves the recycling process and guarantees an environmentally conscious approach to waste disposal.

After the material is collected, organized, and analyzed, a team sterilizes the materials. During this process, assuring compliance with regulations before melting begins. It's here, where Implant Recycling stands out from the competition – scrap metal yards still don't include this step when sorting and melting materials.

After the melting process, medical facilities receive a check to the chosen charitable organization, approximately thirty-days after Implant Recycling picks up any filled container. To date, Implant Recycling has sent donations to over 100 charities.

We conduct this service free of charge. Why?

Implant Recycling is driven to provide an environmentally friendly service that benefits the businesses in the medical field. Ensuring zero-waste drives Bradley Wasserman and his Michigan team. The company believes that offering this service for free will ensure significant steps towards environmental protection.

About Implant Recycling
Implant recycling is a specialist in the field of cremation recycling services and metal processing. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Implant Recycling L.L.C. is an entity created by U-Metco Inc.

Operations include the collection, analysis, preparation, and sale of industrial metal by-products. As many of Implant Recycling's clients in North America specialize in the production of medical implants the firm created Implant Recycling to meet the increasing demand for recycling in this area.

With a motivation to serve the medical, crematory, and cemetery industries by providing cremation recycling services to sort the metallic by-products of the cremation and medical process, Bradley Wasserman's company continues to grow rapidly to meet demand.

Any clients who join the scheme are always compensated for their time and efforts, or they may opt to donate all the funds to a charity. Either way, a portion of the proceeds will be donated by an organization. Most importantly, there is never a charge for Implant Recycling's service.

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