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Import Export Business Gets a Boost With Recently Signed Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Bill


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2012 -- While the economy continues to struggle and unemployment rates remain at exorbitant levels throughout the United States, the import export business recently got an extra boost of support from the U.S. Federal Government.

Just weeks ago, President Obama signed a bill that renewed the charter of the Export-Import Bank for three years and increased the bank’s lending cap from $100 billion to $140 billion. The Export-Import Bank is the official export credit agency helping U.S. exporters by offering financial assistance to foreign buyers.

The bill is projected to help thousands of businesses sell their products and services overseas securely and in larger quantities.

This predicted growth is excellent news for people interested in starting a business within the import export industry. But knowing exactly how to become a skilled import export agent can be a challenge without the proper guidance.

Offering a high quality import export training program, entrepreneurs can turn to www.ImportExportHomeStudy.com to learn how to take advantage of the growing industry. Created by import export guru Lance Scoular, the program helps people looking to start a business understand the benefits of the import business and export business and the costs and essentials associated with the industry. Backed by more than 35 years in the import export business, Scoular offers one-on-one counseling and support, sure to help prospective business owners get off on the right foot.

Given the recently signed Import-Export Bank reauthorization bill and the current shortage of experienced import export agents, there has never been a better time to get involved in the industry.

And according to Scoular, due to the nature of the industry, starting an export business provides a high level of job security.

“Importing and exporting is never going to stop as the ‘world marketplace’ will always continue to trade,” states Scoular. “It’s always made money for the people that have known how to use it — You can now be one of these people who know the secrets of world trade.”

The import export training program teaches people how to find and negotiate deals using other people’s money, how to find in-demand and high profit margin products, how to choose the most cost-effective freight methods, what the Incoterms 2010 are and how to include them in contracts, how to build a client base, how to keep the maximum amount of profits, tax free, and much more.

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ImportExportHomeStudy.com produces a high quality import export training program for people interested in starting their own home business. The program also includes one-on-one mentoring and support with import export expert Lance Scoular. With more than 35 years experience in importing and exporting, Scoular aims to help entrepreneurs learn how to succeed in the industry.