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Importance of Core Strength and Training Methods


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Core is defined as “the central or most important part of something,” which is the perfect way to describe the importance of the abdominal and back muscles of the human body. The body’s core is the powerhouse, used for stabilization and balance, rotational movement, and any cardiovascular or strengthening exercises one may engage in.

Aside from assisting the body with movement, a strong core leads to better posture and reduces back pain. The natural curve of the spine is supported by the abdominals and surrounding muscles, but if left unconditioned and un-toned, this curve can collapse and lead to lower back pain or other issues.

To keep the core strong and stable, fitness experts recommend incorporating core strengthening exercises into a fitness routine at least to three days per week. Core workouts include not only the abdominals, but the muscles in the lower back and hips as well.

Sole exercises that target these muscle groups include planks, pushups, squats, bridges and hip lifts, but if looking to accomplish a full core workout without groups of separate exercises, many fitness instructors recommend Pilates classes.

While Pilates is a whole body workout, the emphasis is placed directly on the core muscles and incorporates breath to enhance strength and muscle control. Pilates can be done by beginners and advanced athletes, and is an excellent addition to any workout routine. In addition to working the core, Pilates improves flexibility, circulation, and posture while strengthen the center of the body.

Many Pilates classes are offered at local fitness facilities, but can also be found online in various forms or through home fitness DVD collections. Whichever method is chosen, core strength is an essential part of maintaining whole body wellness and strength.

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