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Importance of Sleep for Healthy Weight Levels


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- While diet and exercise are essential components for healthy weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, one often neglected wellness component is proper rest. A recent study has brought to light the importance of rest by showing that not only can inadequate sleep and rest patters impact a person’s weight, but a regular sleep/wake pattern can actually influence body fat composition and promote weight loss.

The study was conducted by BYU Exercise Science professor Bruce Bailey, who observed over 300 women over the course of several weeks. Those with the best sleeping habits had healthier weight levels than those who slept less or on an inconsistent schedule.

What makes up good sleeping habits? A set number of sleep hours isn’t the only component. A consistent wake time and bed time are important to set the body on a natural rhythm and encourage caloric burn for lower body fat percentages. Quality of sleep is also important, which is why a proper sleeping place (bed rather than a couch) and proper mattress and pillow support are both necessary to maintain wellness. Sleep quantity is important, with experts recommending at least 6.5 hours of sleep, but no more than 8.5 per night.

What the study really revealed with the surprising importance of wake time. Those who woke up at the same time each day statistically had lower body fat than those who woke up at varying hours. Therefore, experts recommend avoiding staying up late and sleeping in even on weekends as this patterning throws off the internal clock and impacts physiology and how the body processes energy and food consumption.

Americans live in a do more and be better type of culture, but if we are to truly do more and be better, a healthy lifestyle is essential to academic, physical and work performances. Build a healthy foundation from the ground up with proper rest and a regular sleep/wake schedule to reap the health and weight maintenance benefits.

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