Important and Informative New Guide Reveals the Key to Building and Maintaining Wealth Safely


Bradenton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- An informative new financial planning guide has just been released that reveals the secret of building and sustaining wealth. The guide is ”Receive 10-20 Checks Per Month Like Clockwork” and it’s focus is a tried and tested wealth building method that rich people have known of and have been using for centuries. The method is dividend capturing and according to the guide’s author, James A. Gaudino, Sr. it is the best and most effective way to build wealth in a legitimate and above board way. “This is not a get rich quick program or a magic push button software to solve money problems.” Mr Gaudino tells his readers.

Mr Gaudino is an online personal financial investment coach and came to the world of personal finance after spending years investing in real estate and collectible cars. It was the stock market where Mr Gaudino found the greatest success with the least hassle as he was able to build significant wealth with no employees, overhead or inventory to worry about. Best of all he was his own boss. As time passed, Mr Gaudino noticed a trend in the industry. Those with money seemed to know how to grow money and serious investors never seemed to worried when the stock market crashed.

The trend Mr Gaudino noticed was dividend capturing and he was determined to get the word out about this long-established and very effective wealth building method. As its name suggests, dividend capturing is the process of investing in stocks from companies that pay dividends and once owned, the investors receives dividend checks. When the investor owns enough dividend-related stocks they can receive up 10-20 dividend checks per month and that is where Mr Gaudino hit on the title of his guide.

About Receive 10-20 Checks Per Month
What makes the guide so effective is that it combines this centuries old process with today’s modern technology and introduces investors to a software that helps them find the stocks that pay dividends and gets them on the right investment track to start receiving their dividend checks on a regular basis. Each guide comes with the opportunity to access the software that lets investors get started. According to Mr Gaudino, the software set up is very easy, it quickly collects the data needed to make the most effective trades and investors can run an unlimited amount of searches to generate the best list of possible investments.

To learn more visit www.10-20checkspermonth.com or contact James Gaudino using the embedded form on the website’s “Contact Us” page. The guide is available for purchase on the site and Mr Gaudino is also offering two of his other guides, “Retire With A Million Bucks” and “Top Dividend Stocks” when customers buy ”Receive 10-20 Checks Per Month Like Clockwork.” All of these guides are Mr Gaudino’s way of helping those who are concerned about their retirement and who just don’t think that a 401K and their retirement savings are quite enough to reach their financial goals safely. For the beginner or novice investors Mr Gaudino has an interactive membership site “http://www.the10minutetrader.com”. The 10 minute Trader allows time strapped investors an chance to tap into lucrative Dividend Investing market with easy to follow tutorial videos and tutorials.

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