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Improve Mental Health for Overall Wellness


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Eating well, exercise, and keeping track of physical fitness are important parts of staying healthy, but more and more researchers are highlighting the importance of mental wellness as a key component in overall health. One of the best ways to improve mental well-being is to practice loving oneself physically and mentally.

One way to improve mental well-being is to work on increasing confidence. We can do this by practicing positive thinking. Over 60,000 thoughts pass through the brain each day, and it’s estimated that many of these are focused on the negative: stress at work, too much to do at home, guilt for overindulging at dinner. Change the focus to what we’ve accomplished, or what our strengths are, can be difficult at first, but with practice it becomes easier and can not only reduce stress, but can increase confidence as well.

Self-confidence is about finding self-worth within ourselves at all times in numerous ways. When we start appreciating the little things we do for our health, big changes can happen. Praise the legs for walking across the office to talk to a co-worker rather making a call, or thank the body for taking a walk over lunch rather than staying a desk. Small compliments can add up and increase confidence and where it comes from.

Another tip for maintaining confidence is feeding and treating the body well. Appreciate the body for where it’s at and its constant quest for improvement. Find workouts that are fun both physically and mentally, and try to let go of the need for perfectionism. Life doesn’t have to be consistently harmonious to be good – when we stop chasing that unachievable goal of perfection, we can accept what matters and focus on the positive aspects of the present.

Mental health is an important part of overall wellness, and just as we work to improve nutrition and physical capabilities, it’s important to exercise our minds to be healthy as well.

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