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Improve Shower Safety by Eliminating Slips and Falls in the Shower

The Gotcha Alive system can eliminate the problem of slips and falls in the shower, vastly improving shower safety. Gotcha Alive takes the fear out of showering while giving peace of mind to family members.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Slips and falls in the shower are the cause of many thousands of hospital visits in the USA every year. Shower safety is something which disproportionately affects the older generation, as reaction times slow down the chance of sustaining injury increases. On top of this, any falls incurred by seniors have a much longer recovery time and so can have a serious effect on the overall quality of life of the individual.

Preventing slips and falls in the shower for those most at risk was the reason for the conception of the Gotcha Alive system. Gotcha Alive can eliminate injuries from slips and falls while showering by catching the person before they end up on the floor of the shower or tub. The system is easy to install, requiring no major modifications to the house and will also alert others when a fall has taken place so they can provide assistance. For many seniors, showering has become a traumatic experience due to the fear of falling and being injured. With the Gotcha Alive system installed in the shower, seniors can relax while showering without the worry of an unexpected fall leading to an injury that requires medical attention. Showering should be a normal everyday activity and not something that is feared because of the possibility of falling. With Gotcha Alive, improving shower safety is both easy and affordable for everybody concerned.

The Gotcha Alive was built as an accessible device primarily with the objective of increasing shower safety for seniors in mind, but is also extremely helpful to have installed for anyone who has a fear of falling in the shower due to any reason. It is especially useful for those who live alone and do not have immediate help at hand if they happen to fall. If you have a family member who is living independently and you are worries about their shower safety, Gotcha Alive provides the perfect solution. Installation videos can be found on the website along with technical specifications.

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