NeoEyes LLC

Improved NeoEyes Formula Has Been Introduced in Europe


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2018 -- NeoEyes LLC, based in Chicago, Illinois, introduced their first eye care product - NeoEyes cream. The product is specially formulated to cope with bags under the eyes. As there are many people around the world that are looking for an effective under eye bags treatment, NeoEyes hopes to attract a lot of clients.

There are many factors causing under eye bags, but the most common include lack of sleep, overstress, unhealthy lifestyle, constant illness, etc.

The skin around the eyes is so delicate and sensitive, so it is usually the first that shows signs of premature aging. Taking care of it is a must for those, who want to keep a youthful look.

When choosing any skin care product, first thing one has to do is to get acquainted with the ingredients. Talking about NeoEyes formula, it contains horse chestnut extract (helps to eliminate swelling under the eyes thanks to tannins and glycosides in it), centella asiatica leaf extract (activates the process of regeneration of damaged cells), beezwax (restores the production of collagen and elastin), and arnica extract (improves the microcirculation of blood and normalizes the water-lipid balance of the under-eye skin).

Visiting NeoEyes cream official website, everyone can find detailed information about product's ingredients, which allows the customer to make an informed decision.