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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2017 -- Sprinting is an integral part of many sports. For athletes looking to improve their sprinting techniques or for runners of all ages and abilities looking for sprinting tips, shaving a tenth of a second of a personal best may be the difference on the track between gold and silver, stealing a double instead of a single, scoring a touchdown or finding a final push at the end of a marathon to overtake the runner in front. The key to running faster is training body and mind to improve. The Perfect Method brings coaching techniques, motivation, inspiration and the practical tools needed to measure progress.

Membership unlocks a step-by-step program that is relevant to competitive runners, coaches, parents and those who enjoy running and want to improve their running form.

Members have access to video presentations, step-by-step guidance and instruction from Carl Lewis and The Perfect Method experts, access to all webinars and events, a coach certification program and more.

Learning the anatomy of a perfect run is complex. Conditioning and nutrition deliver the baseline capacity of every athlete so a multifaceted approach tackles subjects like progressive training, building distance, increasing speed and developing the optimal musculature.

For runners ready to challenge themselves, ready to learn how to run faster, The Perfect Method is the perfect opportunity. Setting a baseline when starting the program will be helpful in measuring progress.

About The Perfect Method
The Perfect Method acts as an online running coach and athletic trainer in providing a step-by-step program designed to help runners run faster. It is designed for parents, coaches, competitive runners and casual runners. It offers coaching techniques designed with the wisdom of a champion, the most decorated track and field champion in history, Carl Lewis.

Through videos, guidance, instruction, webinars, and events, the program brings all aspects of physical readiness, technical skills, and the mental edge together to help runners achieve their personal best and avoid injury. Subscription is monthly with semi-annual and yearly packages available.

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