Wolf Frieden Associates Offers Premium Bespoke Therapy Services


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Wolf Frieden Associates are offering a limited number of places on their bespoke worldwide one-to-one therapy program for 2013.

The elite program comprises one-to-one, face-to-face therapy and personal development based around hypnosis, self-hypnosis and cognitive behavior hypnotherapy, delivered personally by trained, registered therapist anywhere in the world that the client wishes.

Sessions can allow the client to learn to completely complete control of stress, anxiety, anger or any mental state or emotion. The client can master substance abuse, radically improve memory, permanently decide what level self confidence they bring to any situation and eliminate any phobia or destructive though pattern or memory that they wish.

The intensive program is designed for busy clients, who, rather than wasting time going to a therapist, have the therapist come to them, wherever they are worldwide. Treatment is based on hard science around ultra-effective hypnotherapy sessions. These can be can be given on a private jet flight; at the client's home, yacht, office, studio or on location. Alternatively the therapist can work with the client in selected retreats in California, on a private beach in India, in a Chautauqua in the Alps or Himalayas, or during the client’s vacation.

The therapist is there to support the client, being both highly empathic and non-judgemental as well as highly qualified, with a Doctorate from one of the top ten universities worldwide. Although great effort is made to make the process highly enjoyable and stress-free, it is truly scientific and designed by a neuroscientist who as trained at some of the world’s leading institutions and the whole process can be viewed using functional imaging (e.g. fMRI) to allow the client to actually see the processes occurring if the client prefers.

Owing to the high level of time commitment needed by therapists involved to maintain 24/7 worldwide availability there will be limited places available for clients wishing to participate in this program.

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