In 2013 Hip Hop Artist TH3 SLK Proves Why He Is the Real Deal & Why He Is a Sex Symbol Who's Not Afraid to Talk About Love


Haverstraw, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- TH3 SLK Has risen his stock this summer 2013 with his recent releases. Few can emulate the successes enjoyed and achieved by TH3 SLK this year as a whole, but in the summer months TH3 SLK took a new and daring form with the release of mixtape and promo track LOVE IT ( of upcoming Winter 2014 release of Terrain:Fear Of Flying or #TFOF, which incorporated auto tune effects as TH3 SLK belted out serenading sex infused lyrics with an edgy swagger.

He followed with title track and promo track as well Terrain:Fear Of Flying borrowing the Pete Rock Produced The Joy instrumental from Kanye West.

While the world went crazy over his new sound, he gave another treat, again borrowing from Kanye West, this time using the Blood On The Leaves instrumental entitled THE BLACK BOX . He then released official single which is fully mixed and mastered and available for sale, the viral and 1st single of #TFOF, #CLOSE2U. #CLOSE2U Catapulted the rapper/crooner into the world of R&B, redefining the Genre and the Genre of music as a whole through his new sound and a promo run that ran ads on,, Facebook,,, just to name a few, that was furthered by the singles success on

TH3 SLK's #CLOSE2U nearly made the cut for the COAST2COAST Mixtape featuring Gorilla Zoe, however did make #6 on the INDIE TOP 50 TAPE, distributed by COAST2COAST Mixtapes which dropped on the 26th of August 2013.

On the week of Memorial Day, TH3 SLK went on a rampage releasing his newest and 2nd single off #TFOF entitled Jet Music, followed by promo track Business Class which used the J. Cole rendition of FOOL FOR YOU by Cee lo and Melanie Fiona instrumental which TH3 SLK took returned to his rap style of music and showed and prove he can and always will continue to deliver verbal bars, and also released promo track FIRST CLASS PRIVATE ( which used the Khaled instrumental I WANNA BE WITH YOU, all in the same week.

TH3 SLK's recent noise is sure to wake up some of the big boys, letting them know he is here, he is focused, and he is always inventing new ways to Satisfy the ladies while delivering music that the fellas can relate to. To Discover & Connect With TH3 SLK visit