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In a Pinch: 'World's-First' New Cookbook Serves Up 50+ Fuss-Less Meals, for Kids to Create with a Microwave - They're Simply Delicious and Deliciously Simple

Created by acclaimed designer, d. postyn, ‘In a Pinch’ is the only cookbook on the market that focuses 100% on child-friendly recipes that can be cooked with the safety and reliability of a microwave. In a market where most cookbooks have just a few recipes for kids that require complicated ingredients and an entire kitchen-turned-disaster zone, postyn finally gives children their own culinary creations that can be created solely by them, with nothing but supervision from Mom and Dad or an older sibling.


Torrington, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- While every child loves to cook, most parents don’t appreciate the encrusted flour in their hair, broken crockery and the six-hour investment it takes to make a dozen sugar cookies. Not to mention, many of these supposed ‘child-friendly’ recipes result in thousands of injuries each year as kids discover how sharp knives really are, and just how hot an oven can get.

Thankfully, designer d. postyn is bucking the trend with gusto. Her new book, ‘In a Pinch’, gives kids quick and simple recipes that can be created just by them, with all cooking done in the microwave.


This cookbook is a 96 page paperback which includes recipes for every meal and additional recipes for soups, drinks, and desserts. All these recipes are prepared by using a microwave allowing for quick preparation. The ingredients used can be found locally or at any supermarket.

The recipes included allow children to prepare healthy, nutritious & luscious meals without a great fuss or amount of time needed. The preparation is so simple that even a child of five or older with proper supervision can master making the recipes.

“Most people don’t see the opportunities their microwaves present them,” says postyn. “There’s so many food groups that are perfect for the microwave that people don’t know about. This book takes many of them and allows kids to get busy in the kitchen with relative safety and consistent results.”

Continuing, “The probably of fire is miniscule, and all they have to do, following the simple preparation steps, is to hit a few buttons and watch their meals cook. In no time at all they will be impressing family, friends and others with mouth-watering foods and snacks that were designed for them and cooked by them. I admit that a cookbook ‘just for kids’ is rare, but there’s a huge gap in the market for the millions of kids with culinary fingers.”

Aside from its obvious rainy-day and novelty use, postyn sees a very real and valuable application for her book.

“These days, many parents are working longer and harder than ever to be able to provide the basics. With this book, there is now nothing stopping children from helping out and having dinner prepared and on the table for when their parents get home. They’ll enjoy the double-benefit of learning the life-skill of cooking while getting a head-start on the values of responsibility. What a great mix!” she adds.

‘In a Pinch’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1woPxO0.

About d. postyn
d. postyn, resides in CT where she works out of her home office. Schooled through the college level, d. studied Interior Design at several universities. d.'s thesis in her Senior year in college allowed for the design of any item and to develop it for manufacturing and distribution to market. d. was the only student who chose this path and found it fascinating to create from an empty palette. Being able to develop one's own concept for a design based on one's need and personal experience has allowed a versatile approach to the designs d. creates.