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In a World Where Admen Tout TV and Internet, One Radio-Only Firm Flourishes


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2016 -- "Radio is not an afterthought," says Mark Lipsky, founder and CEO of The Radio Agency, in an eponymously titled article recently released on his firm's website. The write-up delves into why radio advertising is a primary and effective driver in this day and age. While most ad agencies funnel roughly 93 to 94 percent of their clients' budgets away from radio, Lipsky's firm dedicates 100 percent of its focus to radio's many platforms of Sound Advertising.

Lipsky's clients run the gamut from energy and tech to investment and education, with virtually every category of company represented across The Radio Agency's 23-year history.

"We don't ask brands to spend 100 percent of their ad budgets on radio, but rather, we are encouraging them to leverage radio's best assets and find value in working with a firm that specializes solely in radio," said Lipsky.

Lipsky's article turned to the example of his firm's relationship with "Many people remember when the TV ads dominated the airwaves back in late 90s, but few know that the brand successfully launched on radio 18 months before that," said Lipsky.

The Radio Agency team was the driver behind that campaign.

Part of why radio advertising is so relevant today is the proliferation of new platforms like streaming, satellite and podcasts, which complement the 91% market reach of AM/FM to effectively blanket the U.S. population in sound. Lipsky's article mentions that there are more than 10,000 AM/FM stations, tens of thousands of Internet stations, hundreds of channels on satellite and hundreds upon hundreds of podcasts, plus Pandora and Spotify and other "create your own station" options. "It takes a full-time focus to keep up with the changes and manage successful and profitable campaigns in this industry," he said.

Lipsky closed the article by thanking his supporters for their roles in The Radio Agency's success since its inception in 1993.

To contact his firm and have questions regarding radio campaigns answered, including what the cost of radio advertising is, please visit the agency's website, or dial 800-969-2636. To read the write-up in full, please click here.

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