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In-Depth Forecast & Analysis on Industrial Hose Assemblies Market for 2017-2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2018 -- Industrial hose is a small pipeline or pipe, which plays a significant role in energy conservation in end use industries. The industrial hose can be used for the transportation of various fluids from their source to various machines and several other applications. At present, almost all the machines and equipment are hydraulic or pneumatic in nature, hence, the industrial hose assemblies can be considered as the components that are essential for ideal transportation of fluids such as oil or air in such machines. The use of normal pipes to carry pressurized fluids can incur substantial economic losses to the end users. With the effective use of industrial hose assemblies on machines and equipment, the heat loss in the lines can be reduced considerably and can thereby the overall process cost will get cheaper. There are several advantages associated with the installation of industrial hose assemblies on several equipment and machines such as, it does not let the fluid to freeze, the condensation of fluids can be controlled, a significant amount of energy can be saved and it protects the core pipe from extreme operating temperatures. Hence, the installation of the industrial hose assemblies is of high importance in many end use industries.

Industrial hose assemblies play significant role in manufacturing engineering and design. Hose thickness usually depend upon the type of the fluid, the operating conditions of the fluid, the geographical location where the hoses are to be installed and the distance the fluid needed to be transported. The thickness of the industrial hose and the material of construction should be very carefully selected by the engineering department as an error in the selection would cause economic loss for the company. There may be layers of different or same material on the hose so that the exact operating temperature and pressure of the fluid are maintained consistently throughout the host and the loss of energy is minimum. The countries where the climatic conditions are very harsh for the transportation of fluids, e.g. the freezing of water due to the extreme cold weather, industrial hose can be very useful at such locations and they are being used for maintaining the ideal operating conditions of the transportation fluid. By the analysis of the above situations, the industrial hose assemblies market is estimated to expand with an incremental rate in the near future.

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Industrial Hose Assemblies Market: Dynamics

The numerous advantages of industrial hose assemblies, as stated above, coupled with the ability to transfer any kind of fluid are considered to be the prominent drivers for the global industrial hose assemblies market. Moreover, the inner core pipe is protected from external corrosion as well as stress. The lifespan of the overall connection assembly is thus increased considerably, moreover, the total productivity of the plant is getting optimized by the use of industrial hose on various machines and for several applications. Furthermore, with the use of industrial hose assemblies, the stable state of the fluids can be maintained.

Industrial Hose Assemblies Market: Segmentation

The industrial hose assemblies market can be segmented on the basis of product type, material type, component and end use.

By Product type, the Industrial Hose Assemblies market can be segmented as:

Low Pressure
Medium Pressure
High Pressure

By Material type,the Industrial Hose Assemblies market can be segmented as:

Rubber Hoses
Metal Hoses

By Component,the Industrial Hose Assemblies market can be segmented as:

Hose Fittings

By End Use,the Industrial Hose Assemblies market can be segmented as:

Aircraft and Automobiles
Food & Pharmaceutical
Construction and Equipment

Industrial Hose Assemblies Market: Regional Outlook

North America, Europe and the Middle East regions have abundant natural resources and manufacturing industries, which will drive the demand for industrial hose assemblies in these regions. BRICS nations are expected to contribute significantly to the global industrial hose assemblies market over the forecast period. Moreover, the need of transportation of desired fluids without any leakage or failure, at proper pressure, and stable conditions is increasing day-by-day globally, which will fuel the growth of the global industrial hose assemblies market throughout the forecast period.

The industrial hose assemblies market is projected to grow with a high CAGR over the forecast period, due to its increasing application in end use industries globally. Furthermore, new inventions and technologies in the industrial hose assemblies market will foster growth in the global market.

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Industrial Hose Assemblies Market: Market Participants

Some of the examples of market participants in the global industrial hose assemblies market, identified across the value chain are,

ERIKS Hose Technology
4-STAR Hose & Supply, Inc.
JGB Enterprises, Inc.
Transfer Oil S.p.A.
Gates Corporation
RYCO Hydraulics
Kurt Manufacturing
Eaton (Synflex)