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In-Depth Provillus Reviews Reveal an Effective Hair Loss Treatment for Both Men & Women

The website hosts detailed Provillus reviews for both men and women to learn about an effective hair loss treatment.


Hoohoo, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2015 -- Hair loss is a common problem affecting a large number of men and women across the world. There are many people who are in search of an effective and reliable hair loss treatment. For all such men and women, the website has been designed, with a host of Provillus reviews for people to understand how the product can cure the hair loss problem effectively.

The website offers detailed reviews for people to choose the product in an informed manner. Instead of believing on tall advertisement claims, one can learn all about the product, its ingredients and the treatment methodology. Provillus contains an FDA approved ingredient called Minoxidil that plays an important role of increasing the blood flow to the hair scalp and nourishing it naturally. The product contains 5% of Minoxidil, unlike other products that contain only 2% of it. Thus, it is more potent and it not only strengthens the scalp, but it also helps in hair re-growth.

Besides, it also contains vitamins, essential minerals and herbs. It also includes azelaic acid, which can cure the problem of hair loss naturally. The product can offer encouraging results to cure baldness patches and even the total baldness. Studies reveal that the over-production of the DHT hormone weakens the scalp and causes hair fall. The reviews on the site maintain that Provillus controls the production of DHT and thus promotes hair growth and re-growth.

The product addresses hormonal imbalance issues in both men and women, and promotes natural growth of hair follicles. Women who often complain about hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy, menopause and other reasons and suffer from hair loss will find the product very useful. In order to make the product more effective for women, Vitamin B6 has been added to it that helps in maintaining a healthy scalp in women. In the same way, Provillus for men contains zinc and palmetto, which can promote the overall health condition of men, besides improving the scalp health.

The reviews on the site reveal the important information that men and women would need to know before choosing a product for their hair growth.

One can read the reviews of the product for free on the website

About aims to offer detailed information and reviews related to Provillus product and how people can benefit from it, enabling them to make an informed decision before they purchase the product for their hair loss treatment.

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