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In-Ear Headphone Review Website TheBestInEarHeadphones.com Celebrates One Year Anniversary


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2012 -- The In-Ear Headphone review website TheBestInEarHeadphones.com is celebrating their one- year anniversary and the milestone of providing more than 100 reviews of In-Ear Headphones with more to come. The website blog reviews the best In-Ear Headphones and ear buds with a detailed look at design, specs, cost, comfort and audio quality so that consumers can make informed purchase decisions.

In-Ear Headphones and ear buds are the way that millions of people enjoy the audio from their many mobile devices as they go about their day. With a plethora of choices and designs in different price ranges, consumers are often unsure of what brands and models will fit their needs best. For the last year, the review blog TheBestInEarHeadphones.com has answered that question for thousands of people with the website’s detailed reviews of In-Ear Headphones on the market.

The blog recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and the milestone of providing 100 reviews and counting. “Like everyone, I love ear buds because they are portable, comfortable, and easy to use, but not all ear buds work for everyone, which is why I started this review website,” said the review website founder. “Reaching the one-year 100-review milestone was definitely exciting because of all of the people that we’ve been able to help hone in on the perfect ear gear for their needs with our reviews and articles.”

The website reviews all different brands and types of In-Ear Headphones from manufacturers such as Bose, Skullcandy, Sony, Dr. Dre, Monster, and more. Each review provides a summary of the headphones followed by complete product specifications. The reviews also include an overview of each model sold by the manufacturer with retail pricing information included. Readers will then find a detailed list of everything that comes with the headphones upon purchase.

The meat of the review begins with the “Build Quality and Design” section, which explores the construction, materials and other physical aspects of the In-Ear Headphones. This is followed by a sound quality performance section that assesses high, mid and low frequency range reproduction accuracy and general sound quality when utilized for various forms of music.

The “Noise Isolation and Comfort” section of the review is a more in-depth look at design and materials as they pertain to comfort, isolation and fit. The review concludes with a section on whether the consumer should buy the specific brand as well as the main review section which provides detailed unbiased perspectives of the headphones.

Readers can also find the 2012 Best Headphones of the Month as well as dozens of articles on In-Ear headphones from manufacturers such as JVC, Denon, Klipsch, Audio Technica, Yamaha and many more. The website also regularly features videos of differing in ear headphones that provides a video review and commentary on specific brands and models. For more information, please visit http://www.thebestinearheadphones.com

About TheBestInEarHeadphones.com
TheBestInEarHeadphones.com provides detailed reviews of dozens of In-Ear Headphones and ear buds. The reviews cover all aspects including design, specs, cost, comfort, sound quality and more so that consumers can make an informed decision before making any sort of purchase. The site recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and the milestone of over 100 unique reviews of products from dozens of manufacturers.