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In Its Recent Post, Video Store FishFlix Lists the Top Christian and Family Movies of All Times

Tulsa’s number one Christian movie store, FishFlix has selected the most popular Christian and family movies of all time


Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Tulsa’s number one Christian movie store, FishFlix has selected the most popular Christian and family movies of all time, listed in its recent blog post. The post is made in reference to the continuous adaption of Jesus’s life in movies all around the world and to let viewers know the masterpieces it has discovered in the process of portraying Jesus.

FishFlix blog writer, Arvin Sepehr writes, “Films about the life of Jesus tell the story of the centerpiece of the Gospel while also demonstrating varying contexts dependent on the time period in which they were made. Much like when each human being accepts Christ, Jesus’ role in each film varies without ever compromising the truth of who Jesus is.”

The writer pens these words also in the context of the upcoming and the most awaited Jesus movie, “Son of God” – a 20th Century Fox production, directed by documentary filmmaker, Christopher Spencer. The idea of the writer is to present viewers, the best movies based on Jesus’s life, irrespective to the timeframe they were released in.

Arvin awards the top place to Mel Gibson’s critically acclaimed “The Passion of Christ”, followed by equally brilliant “The Bible”, “The Gospel of John”, and many other movies that left a lasting impression on people’s hearts.

Those who haven’t had a chance to encounter these masterpieces, or those who would like to revisit them to can visit FishFlix.com today! Viewers can also browse thousands of other Christian movies in Tulsa at their online movie store.

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