In Order to Thrive, School Kids Must Learn These Lessons - From the Mouth of a Dummy


Manhattan Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- “There are two lessons school children must embrace as they head back to school,” says Luigi Lombardi, the world’s smallest stand-up comedian and self-proclaimed ‘best looking comedian.’

“Without one of these lessons,” says Luigi, “I wouldn’t be here.”

“You see, Luigi is a ventriloquist dummy. His creator, Justin Ver Burg, was bullied in school, and the ill treatment drove him to do something positive. One of which was to learn the art of ventriloquism and simultaneously carve Luigi out of a block of wood – at age 15!”

Justin is now a Comedian & Ventriloquist, although Luigi claims he is the star.

Luigi says the first lesson for kids is basic: don’t bully. “It may be an easy way to gain the attention of your peers,” says Luigi, “but it can simultaneously destroy someone else’s life.”

He knows this firsthand because Justin contemplated suicide as a result of the harsh treatment endured during school. “I’m glad Justin chose to push through,” says Luigi, “or I wouldn’t be here for the world to enjoy.”

Secondly, Luigi believes those who are the victim of bullying should try to turn something negative into a positive. “Allow it to drive you to discover and develop your natural abilities,” says Luigi.

Justin had no idea he could do ventriloquism before the bullying happened.

Robin Williams had a similar experience: Upon being picked on for being overweight, he spent his time by himself, mimicking TV characters, telling jokes to his mother, and using his imagination to bring toy soldiers to life. Many believe this laid the groundwork for his amazingly successful comedy career.

Whether bullied or not, Luigi says all young people can benefit from discovering their talents early on. He says the late Dale Carnegie stated it best:

“A young person ought to look for the single spark of individuality that makes him different from others, and develop that for all he is worth.”

About Justin Ver Burg
Justin Ver Burg (a.k.a. FunnyDummy) has been asked by the Late Show with David Letterman to come to NY, appeared on NBC numerous times, and entertained at the Winter Olympic Games. He got his start as a Comedian/Ventriloquist/Song Parodist when classmates discovered he naturally spoke without moving his lips. He saw ventriloquism as a natural fit. His proposed forty-seven city tour, "Three Entertainers For the Price of One: Only One Has To Eat," starts August 29, 2014 at Hermosa Beach Community Theatre in Los Angeles. Most tickets are $45, while some VIP seats are $85. They can be purchased at