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In Plain Sight: New Book Asks Managers and Company Owners "Do You Have What It Takes to Fix YOUR Business?"

An authority in the field of strategic consultancy, Godfrey Holder has over thirty years of experience working with companies to implement his proven system for meeting challenges and achieving success. For the first time, Holder shares his expertise with a wider audience in his new book, ‘In Plain Sight: Your Business Repair Manual’.


Coatesville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- In the phone book, it’s easy to find a telephone repair service, or someone who is willing to fix a stove or a television. But whom should business owners turn to when their company begins to fail or their employees seem reluctant to fix obvious issues?

Meet Godfrey Holder. The principal strategy consultant with N-PlainSight Consulting, LLC and now the author of new release, ‘In Plain Sight’, Holder is known as a visionary in his field. During his career, Holder has helped over 1,200 businesses across the United States and the world, and with ‘In Plain Sight’ he reveals how, and shows you how to do this yourself.

“Very often, business problems have the solutions built into them,” says Holder. “The issue is that many business-people can’t see the simplest solutions, nor do they have the processes in place to ensure that solutions are found quickly and easily. My book offers the tools to begin to see problems in the right light, and shows readers how to establish the processes and the discipline to make finding future solutions easier and more efficient.”

Accompanied by more than two-dozen Microsoft Excel tools, which can be downloaded free of charge at Holder’s official website, ‘In Plain Sight’ is a collection of tools, techniques, information and processes to help businesses help themselves to become streamlined, successful and running like a well-oiled machine.

Official Synopsis:

“Do you have the tools to fix your business?

Most businesses experience the same set of challenges—low or no profits, disappointing growth, conflicts with key employees, and the inability to get the right things done—to execute. Decisions are made, talked about, over and over, and yet not much is implemented. I have the solution, and it’s not complicated.

In Plain Sight outlines an approach that empowers managers to fix these problems themselves. It is laid out in The Framework—a management system, which provides managers with a powerful tool and mandate to execute. This system has been successfully deployed in more than 1,200 companies, and it is supported by more than two-dozen Microsoft excel-based tools that can be downloaded free of charge at www.n-plainsight.com.

These are some of the tools: *Strategy Stress Test *The Analyst *Key Management Tools *80/20 Problem Solving Tools.

Encourage your management team to use these tools often.

Industry leaders have praised both Holder’s proven system and the information shared within the book.

"In Plain Sight challenges the approach to managing profitability, margins, inventory, customer, and employee engagement. We at Good's Store have been working with the system for 27 years and our company has been handsomely rewarded. I highly recommend the book’s approach,” from Kenneth Burkholder, President, Good's Store.

“Godfrey's system of employee strategies could be used to make businesses more efficient, as I did for the company that I founded. I have worked with his system since 1990 and I am extremely happy with the results. The emphasis on systems of accountability, pro¬cesses and employee involvement makes this a practical business improvement book,” from Karl Brunner, Founder and Former CEO, KB Systems, Inc.

‘In Plain Sight: Your Business Repair Manual’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1r0xcCj

To utilize the tools found in the book or for more information about Godfrey D. Holder’s consulting services, please visit N-PlainSight Consulting, LLC’s official website.

About Godfrey D. Holder
Godfrey D. Holder is a strategy consultant and executive coach with more than 30 years of business and consulting experience. He is the principal consultant at N-PlainSight Consulting, LLC, and has provided advice to more than 1,200 businesses across the US and in several foreign countries. He has served as CEO, General, Plant and Operations Manager in many client organizations. The book documents a management system, The Framework that facilitates the building of an execution-ready organizational structure to solve the principal problem that most businesses face. It also outlines business success as being a function of well-defined business model structures in conjunction with clear business processes, strategy drivers, and systems of employee engagement that nurture new habits—habits of employee and business excellence.