In the Midst of a Chaotic Modern World, the Peaceful Nature of the Music of Casey Turner Is a Truly Welcomed Sound


Utica, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- Originally from the East coast, Casey Turner left the snow to enjoy a life of sunshine, surfing, punk rock, and engineering. Having graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology, Turner quickly became part of the NASA team at the Kennedy Space Center as a main propulsions systems specialist. Living what some would call a double life, he expanded his engineering knowledge by day, and lived the punk rock dream by night in a band called Liquid Image.

His career quickened when Liquid Image was featured on a number of college radio stations and enjoyed exposure on a number of skate and surf programs throughout the East coast. Turner then took the step of which most artists dream, and moved to San Diego, California. Inspired by the calm of the West coast, Turner’s music followed a mellower path. It was this new acoustic/surf/reggae manifestation that birthed his first solo album, No Stress Express.

Positive, eclectic, and rooted in the surf rock scene, the album is a gliding sonic landscape that holds true to its moniker. Immediately gripping the populous of the lower West coast. Turner’s positive, dynamic message is delivered on a canvas of live loops (often recorded on the fly) splashed with acoustic instrumentals. An extension of his engineering experience at NASA, No Stress Express is a meticulously crafted album with an organic sound that could only have been realized without creative limitations.

Once again stateside after a Hawaiian Islands tour, Turner has enjoyed a spike in popularity, having been added to the rotation of over 60 FM radio stations throughout the world and being featured on a number of television shows throughout Hawaii and California. Turner’s most recent major undertaking was performing at the Kona Brewing Co. Liquid Aloha Music Festival, where he opened for The Expendables.

Turner’s single “Never Want To Go Home” continues to receive airplay on local and international radio stations, and possible 2013 tour locations include Guam, the Philippines, and Japan. Listeners will be able to pick up a copy of No Stress Express via Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, or via and witness the halcyon phenomenon that is Casey Turner. Find him on Facebook at Casey Turner Music or at

About Casey Turner
Songwriter and guitar/ukulele aficionado Casey Turner has the uncanny ability to grasp listeners with a sense of calm. His national album release will be available in Spring 2013. Titled “No Stress Express”, this breakthrough album provides insight into the life of an individual well traveled, and well versed in the therapeutic abilities of music.

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