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In the Stillness: Life-Changing New Book Provides 'Quiet Moments of "A'ha" Reflection' on Faith, Love & Self-Development

Masterfully crafted by Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence, ‘In The Stillness: Quiet Moments of "A'ha" Reflection’ fuses poetry, short stories and profound thoughts to empower readers to look at life in an entirely new way. The author was placed on earth to be "Aspiritualuplift" to others; a bold ministry with a mandate to slow the world down, encourage people to stay true to their spirit and live a life of true harmony.


Carson, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- It’s a widely-adopted belief that everyone was put on earth for a reason. For some it’s to educate, for other it is to nurse those in need but, for California’s Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence it is to be what she has coined "Aspiritualuplift" to all.

McKinney-Lawrence’s powerful and thought-provoking new book satisfies that purpose with gusto. Any single genre is defied in a work so deep and inspirational that it exists in a category of its own.

Synopsis of ‘In The Stillness: Quiet Moments of "A'ha" Reflection’:

This is an offering of poems, stories, and inspirational thoughts. Which are intended to inspire, motivate, and possibly move the reader to look at life in a new way. This book is intended to uplift the spirit. Using words as the paint and the mind as the canvas, pictures are created which speak on faith, love, and self reflection. Touching on a love affair with God through poetry. As well as, the issues of life which sometimes present itself as road blocks. Stories which address dealing with stress, and illness, yet coming out on top.

This collection invites the reader to examine the way we treat each other, and how we should be treating each other. Through poetry and thoughts one's self is also examined, from both sides of the coin, how the world sees us as well as, how we see ourselves. This book touches on the emotions of life from joy to sadness, yet bringing everything together to uplift and encourage.

“The book was inspired by the thousands of people I have ministered during my life,” explains the author. “I noticed that most people rush around one step behind the pace of life, and don’t fulfill their own purpose. It could be to teach, to lead or even to follow; by reading my book they can look at life with a new agenda that will see them personify the reason they were born in the first place.”

Continuing, “It’s actually quite hard to definitively define my "Aspiritualuplift" ministry as it doesn’t know any boundaries. Helping people find new perspective is perhaps the biggest mandate and something I’ll continue to do for as long as I am here. I know that I can’t reach everyone personally, hence the reason I am sharing this book with the world.”

McKinney-Lawrence’s work has a vital place at home, in the classroom and for use in congregation settings. With demand increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘In The Stillness: Quiet Moments of "A'ha" Reflection’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1wCUums

About Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence
Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence is a child of God. Born in Los Angeles, CA. The mother of two sons, Ian and Sean. I hold a B.S. degree in Human Services Management and a degree in Liberal Studies with an Early Education focus. I am an Ordained Minister in the A.M.E. Church. Prayer leader for the United Prayer Ministry of the Rose of Sharon A.M.E. Church, a 7:30 a.m. (pst) Saturday morning call in prayer service, where fellow believers can unite in communication with God. I am the creator of the Aspiritualuplift website which hosts as a place of prayer, devotion, as well as, commentary on relevant social issues facing our lives. I am an educator with the Los Angeles Unified School District, setting a foundation for the lives of children in their early developmental years. Touching young lives as a part of a collaborative class environment with special needs children. Both career choices of Ministry and Education foster a system of connectedness. "We must find ways of valuing our work so that joy is built into our everyday lives." In all aspects of these career choices, lives are touched and affected, from the children and families served to the community at large. Organizations: Member of the Women in Ministry of the A.M.E. Church Member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.