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In the Transition to a Paperless Office, Online Forms Improve Efficiency

How data collected from an online form versus a paper one makes your business more efficient


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- While caving to peer pressure is usually advised against, many are following in the footsteps of companies like Google, Microsoft and even President Obama: they’re all moving their day-to-day business operations to a paperless system. Many have touted “going paperless” as a corporate priority for years to reduce their carbon footprint and lower costs, but stick with paper for fear of decreased efficiency and time wasted. Does moving operations online really make business more efficient? That depends on the tools you choose.

The Benefits

Like any major shift to your business model, digging out from mounds of paper and moving things online will take some time and energy upfront, but more and more companies are confirming the switch was worth it. The Paperless Project reports that 85 percent of business documents are in paper form. And with 60 percent of an employee’s time spent working with documents, it seems a worthy endeavor. Going paperless saves time and hard costs, avoids duplication and other errors and can streamline processes such as billing, accounting and the collection of information, or customer input.

Whether you’re collecting information for a lengthy financial information form or running an online store which sells jewelry, customer or client input is a core method of interaction. The successful collection of data often determines an effectual transaction or a failure. For many, much time is spent collecting this information. As such, it makes sense to focus here in the move to paperless.

So, where to start?

Like many cloud- and web-based tools, options for collecting information online using an online form builder, range from free to professional grade. Unless you’re a computer programmer with a vast knowledge of HTML, you’ll most likely need a custom form to make the transition online effective and efficient. While this can cost a fortune and require quite a bit of time to build, it doesn’t have to.

Logiforms Software, Inc. makes the goal of going paperless a reality with its custom, affordable online form builder. By providing an efficient way to collect and manage data, companies who use online forms built by Logiforms:

- Gain employee efficiency by providing them with real-time data as opposed to outdated files,
- Identify information trends quickly and easily by analyzing automatically-stored form data which is secure and web-accessible,
- Quickly and effortlessly build powerful web applications and workflows, generate secure member areas, web-based directories and more without ever writing a single line of code,
- Save on hard costs by decreasing the need for paper forms and print-outs,
- And increase conversion rates by gaining actionable insight into form submission data.

For a free 15-day trial of Logiforms custom form creation software, visit Logiforms website or call (866) 403-8464. Join others who have made the move to paper-free, more efficient business models. This is one instance of peer pressure you won’t regret.

About Logiforms Software
Logiforms Software, Inc. gives companies the ability to design and host secure online forms in minutes with zero programming. By using their professional grade form design software, you can rest assured that the powerful, flexible form builder can meet even the most-specific, custom needs. From design to information collection to data analysis, Logiforms adheres to industry best standards resulting in increased conversion rates and satisfied customers.