In These Troubled Times, Renowned Scientists Discuss Evolution and Human Selfishness on VoiceAmerica's the Convergence

Renowned altruism scientist Dr. David Sloan Wilson is joined by three distinguished leaders from economics and business to discuss whether nature really intended the competitive shark-tank tone and environment that dominates our world's arenas of politics, economics and business. They announce that current science defines Survival of the Fittest not as uncaring power and exploitation but, instead, as the ability to cooperate. Will this new understanding of evolution become known soon enough to prevent huge global problems that may lie ahead?


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- Joining VoiceAmerica's "The Convergence" show on December 1st, (https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2610/the-convergence) (episode details at http://www.1god.com/convergence) hosts Dr. Kurt Johnson, Ben Bowler and Doug King are joined by renowned altruism scientist Dr. David Sloan Wilson and three distinguished experts on economics, business and sustainability. They explore the question of selfishness in our human nature and whether nature's own processes are actually responsible for our often competitive, shark-tank world.

Dr. David Sloan Wilson is author of Does Altruism Exist? from the Yale/ Templeton landmark series on "The Foundational Questions in Science". This important book, published in January 2015, announces that mainstream science now believes that natural selections does not choose for selfishness at the level of groups and group interactions. Rather, nature selects for altruism—structures and processes that serve the whole.

Is this a complete turn around from what we have all been told about "survival of the fittest", the so-called cornerstone of Darwinism? Does fitness, among groups, actually mean how much one is able to cooperate, not compete? If science has had it wrong ever since Darwin, does this explain how nasty our politics, economics and business environments have always been, even though deeper parts our nature, as reflected in our world's spiritual and philosophical traditions, have suggested a much nicer, kinder world? Has a misunderstanding of survival of the fittest led to our current real possibility of global catastrophe and extinction? These are big topics. Join us to hear them discussed by passionate experts.

Dr. Wilson is Distinguished Professor of Biological Science and Anthropology at State University of New York, and Arne Naess Chair in deep ecology at the University of Oslo, Norway. He is joined by Dr. Richard Clugston, editor of a new book on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Catherine Bell, author of the Nautilus Award-winning book The Awakened Company, and Steve Farrell, a retired CEO of Silicon Valley enterprises, now Worldwide Executive Director of Humanity's Team a co-sponsor, with the Club of Budapest and the Goi Peace Foundation, of the Conscious Business Declaration and Initiative.

The Convergence series itself, an unofficial and independent activity of United Nations-accredited non-governmental organizations and others, runs from the UN Week of Spirituality in late October to the UN Week of Interfaith Harmony in early February and focuses it discussions on the relationship on the values, ethics and ideals of the world's wisdom traditions and the breadth of the Sustainable Development Goals established by this international body. Global change-makers who are part of the Series include Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Karenna Gore, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Michael Dowd, Mindahi Bastida Munoz, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Patrricia Albere and many more.

Photo: David Sloan Wilson and the cover of his book Does Altruism Exist?