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In Uncertain Economic Times, More People Choose to Invest in Agarwood for Unbelievable ROI


Colombo, Sri Lanka -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2016 -- As global conflict, rocky economics, and globalization continue to dominate the headlines, more and more people are seeking alternative methods to growing their capital, and one natural resource found in the Middle East has become increasingly popular over the past few years: the Agarwood tree.

Known for its dark brown or black resinous core, Agarwood is a main ingredient for rare, higher end perfumes and fragrances. It is also used for soap, incense, and for a variety of religious ceremonies and ornaments.

As the cosmetic industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so too does the demand for this rare natural resource. Due to deforestation however, the Agarwood population has been reduced by 98% to 99%, according to various naturalist studies. Today, most of the trees reside on government-protected lands.

"Because of the scarcity of the plant, coupled with an incredibly high demand, the decision to invest in Agarwood is not a hard one to make for the vast majority of our clients," Mustafa Ally, managing director of Agarwood Investment Brokers Pvt Ltd says. "Due to complex international trade laws and tariffs, our firm has become well known for being able to guide investors into acquiring the right amount of Agarwood appropriate for their portfolio, and then to start reaping the benefits."

Ally says it is not uncommon for his clients to earn up to a 3900% ROI.

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