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In Vitro Diagnostics Market in Asia: Mediterranea Working to Decrease Intestinal Parasite Infections


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- According to statistics, intestinal parasites affect a huge number of people worldwide. For example, more than 1.3 billion people have ascariasis and approximately 1 billion suffer from trichuriasis. Hookworms also cause serious morbidity in many parts of the world, infecting over 1.25 billion people across the globe.

Unfortunately, every year, millions of people die as a result of illnesses caused by the three major intestinal parasites. As a World Health Organization report noted, in 2010, around 655,000 people passed away as the result of malaria, another parasite illness.

These sobering figures help illustrate how intestinal parasite diseases are a present and worsening threat to human health and welfare around the globe, and that more health care resources should be used for their control.

Mediterranea Pte Ltd, an In Vitro Diagnostics distributor in Asia, has just initiated a campaign to decrease the significant worldwide health, economic and social burdens that are caused by intestinal parasite infections. As one of the leading In Vitro Diagnostics companies in Singapore, the firm’s IVD products range from rapid kits, reagents, instruments and systems intended for use in the diagnostics of intestinal parasites and other conditions in humans.

“Intestinal parasites plague billions of people and kill millions annually, causing remarkable amount of human suffering and misery,” said Livio Orsini, CEO of Mediterranea Pte Ltd, adding that intestinal parasites are frequent causes of morbidity and mortality in people with immunocompromised diseases, like specific cancers and HIV.

“Children with intestinal parasite infection weight significantly less, and have been shown to have problems—for example, to memorize things and learn effectively. If left untreated, intestinal parasite infection leads to irreversible organ damage even in otherwise healthy adults.”

Due to the fact that intestinal parasite infections are preventable and curable, and because of the enormously negative impact that these conditions are having across the world, Orsini said they were to launch their efforts to decrease these infections.

“Because of the stark worldwide effect of intestinal parasite infections worldwide, and especially in the developing countries, we have initiated a campaign on the importance of early and accurate diagnosis of intestinal parasite infection as a preventive action bringing significant socioeconomical benefits for the population,” commented Mr. Orsini of Mediterranea Pte Ltd.

About Mediterranea Pte Ltd
Mediterranea Pte Ltd., is one of the leading In Vitro Diagnostic equipment distributors in South-East Asia. Mediterranea represents cutting-edge IVD products from European and North-American manufacturers and suppliers to the In Vitro Markets in Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Mediterranea focuses on innovative In Vitro Diagnostic technologies that are low-cost, safe, and require minimum amount of technical expertise to produce reliable and standardized results. Located in Singapore, Mediterranea Pte Ltd is at the centre of regional Asian In Vitro Diagnostics markets. To contact Mediterranea Pte Ltd, please visit http://www.mediterranea.com.sg/contact-us.html