In3Tagen Empowers Canadian Viewers of Streaming Services with Greater Options

New resource helps consumers gain access to far larger libraries than usual


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- In3Tagen announced the immediate availability of a comprehensive resource directed at Canadian viewers of Netflix and other streaming services. Consumers who visit the site will find simple instructions which will help them to gain access to the larger libraries that such services often make available to subscribers in the United States.

"We're huge fans of Netflix here at In3Tagen," company representative Brian Cronkelton stated, "But we've been disappointed at the meagerness of the site's offerings in Canada compared to what's available in the U.S. After extensive research, we've come up with a solution." Although Netflix does not give exact figures as to the scope of its streaming options in the two countries, many analysts have estimated that American viewers have orders of magnitude more shows available to them.

"We recognize that Netflix and other providers are bound by distribution agreements which can make it harder for them to provide the full potential of their services in smaller markets like Canada," Cronkelton expanded, "That's understandable, but we weren't content with that status quo, and we've done something about it." After experimenting with a variety of potential solutions to the issue, the operators of In3Tagen eventually realized that a technology known as virtual private networking, or VPN, was a perfect fit for the market need they had identified.

By utilizing this well-established, secure technology, Canadian users of Netflix and similar services can make it seem as if they are connecting from within the United States. This fact is enough to convince those services to make available the much larger libraries that they regularly offer to American viewers, instead of the restricted ones that Canadian viewers are normally presented with. While VPN can sometimes be difficult for the average user to set up and activate, In3Tagen, by focusing on a particular, specific use case, has been able to make it far more accessible.

"Our number one concern as we started in on this project was making sure our fellow Canadians, whatever their level of technical expertise, could get the most out of their Netflix and other subscriptions," Cronkelton summarized, "And after some hard work, we're glad to say that we have succeeded." The company's instructional offerings are aimed at allowing citizens of Canada to enjoy a wide variety of streaming services without the regional restrictions that normally inhibit their full use. In addition to granting access to a much larger variety of television shows and movies on Netflix, the service is similarly effective when used with other popular streaming outlets such as Hulu, Pandora and Spotify.

About In3Tagen
A product of Calgary's burgeoning technology scene, In3Tagen focuses on helping Canadians derive even more enjoyment and satisfaction from their favorite streaming services. Its educational tools have allowed countless viewers to greatly expand their entertainment and educational options, and it is committed to becoming even more effective in this way.