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Announcing Free Monthly Subscription Package for Startups, Lucky Startups to Win Annual Subscription on all Services


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2020 -- INAI Tools, #1 marketing platform is pleased to present a comprehensive range of AI Driven communication solutions for startups. Digitalization of services have become mandatory for businesses; with advertising, social media and SEO interlinked to each other businesses need to be on top of their game to sustain the competition. INAI Soft helps startups with a variety of tools for business's success through their social media networks. The Social INAI tools automatically set up the posting schedules on Facebook. SMM INAI Tools can be used to set up customized bulk messages across social media networks that help increase the page response. The Direct INAI tools are designed for sending personalized messages such as promo codes to the subscribers. You INAI Tools help startups upload videos on YouTube, set automatic replies to comments by subscribers, evaluate the campaigns, gain access to analytics and more.

The SEO INAI Tools are totally AI driven which allow websites to make use of SEO analytics through Visitor Analytics and Website Analytics for business success and improved page ranking. The ADS INAI Tools help in automatic management of social media networks. The service allows startups to deal and plan with all the different social network posts in one place; also allowing them to evaluate the progress. Once the startups are signed up and connected with their social networks, they will be able to connect RSS Feeds, choose accounts or groups where the RSS Posts need to be published. INAI Soft is currently offering free monthly subscription packages for startups from around the world. Once the month is over, a list of competent startups would be selected to win annual subscription to all the services.

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INAI Soft is the #1 Marketing Platform for Social Networking; offering all-in-one brand building tools for startups. With the help of the services offered here, new businesses can save time and optimize their profile management on social networks; with visual planning, scheduled posts and automation.

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