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Inbound Marketing Certification Goes to Local Company

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Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- A local area web professional this week was awarded this week in the field of inbound marketing. Local Charlotte Marketing Director Todd Kron was awarded the Inbound Marketing University’s Inbound Marketing University’s Honors Distinction Certification. This honor is only given to those with proven experience who manage to test in the top 10% of all those in the field of search and inbound marketing. Mr. Kron managed a perfect score in the exam and certification help by only a few thousand members nationwide. Mr. Kron works for CGR Creative Web Design in Charlotte, North Carolina as their Director of Online Marketing. Charged with design, planning, site structure and implementation of search engine and social strategies for all clients, Mr. Kron’s strength lies in learning a customer’s most coveted site visitor. Being able to and think like that visitor to pitch to them naturally increases conversion on a website. Implementing strategies of social habits, page hot spots for advertising and social engagement opportunities and mentoring on page activity with Analytics Funnels and live view actions of past visitors to websites. The Inbound University attracts some of the leading minds in online marketing. The Website only awards their Honor’s Distinction to the highest scoring members in their testing of online marketing skills.

Inbound marketing Company Charlotte is defined as marketing in such a way that customers find you by their own methods of searching for a service. According to experienced Inbound Marketing Expert Todd Kron of CGR Creative "The main points of inbound marketing are earning the attention of prospects, making yourself easy to be found, providing an online source that gets perspective clients from point a to A to B efficiently maximizes the consumer confidence in their own decisions. If you can think of inbound marketing as a trap you set for consumers, one they will step into willingly, then you get the mindset of selling in this way."

When asked to some up his views of Inbound marketing and how it differs from the outbound marketing push of the past, Todd Kron of CGR Creative responded with a quote he recalls hearing once.

“When you do thing right, people won’t know you have done anything at all. And this is what makes Inbound Marketing the most effective way to convert your customers.”

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