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Incandescent Bulbs to Be Phased out Completely, Colonial Electric Electricians Offer Explanation


Annapolis, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2016 -- Incandescent Bulbs' demise has been a long time coming; the incandescent bulbs are on their way out to make space for the energy-efficient halogen, LEDs, and CFLs. The government backed phase out of the incandescent bulbs began in the US almost a decade ago when the benefits of the most energy-efficient alternatives became more evident. Highly skilled and experienced Annapolis electricians at Colonial Electric recently talked about why the imminent end of incandescent bulbs is going to happen and the alternative people have available to them.

Energy consumption and its impact are a bigger issue now than it was ever before; the Government is supporting a move towards energy efficient electrical products that are not only beneficial for the environment but also for the consumers. As explained by Colonial Electric electricians that the fundamental problem with the incandescent bulbs which makes them inefficient is that they waste more energy in producing heat than light. Their construction requires heat to produce light, which is why almost 90% of the energy these bulbs produce is heat which goes to waste. On the other hand, more energy efficient alternatives such as halogen, LEDs, and CFLs light do not produce as much heat and, therefore, cost less to operate. Save energy is equal to monetary savings for the consumers. The newer LED lights much consume much less in terms of wattage provide the same result and also last much longer than the conventional lights.

Colonial Electric Company, Inc. is one of the most exclusive companies in the Annapolis, Maryland, providing the most high-end electrical installation and repair services at the most affordable prices for the convenience of their clients. They believe that it is also their job to advise their clients about the various methods they can save energy and improve their electrics.

The company spokesperson said: "Our Service Division specializes in commercial and residential electrical service work. This team works closely with our Construction Division and manages any warranty work that arises following construction jobs. Whether you are a commercial business that needs extensive electrical work or you are a homeowner who needs a minor electrical repair – we can help! No electrical problem or issue is too small or too large for us."

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