InCareRX Introduces HIPPA Compliant Prescription Discount Card

The discount card claims lowest overall savings than any other card and can save 14% to 21% on brands and up to 90% on generic drugs.


New Port Richey, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- InCareRx introduces Prescription Discount Card that aim to benefit several people looking for some discount on the retail price of branded and generic drugs from medical pharmacies.

The card would help to get at least 90 % discount on generic drugs and about 14-21% on branded ones, thereby making it easier for common people to buy life-saving and essential drugs at crucial times. However, the percentage of discount may vary according to the nature of medication prescribed by any medical practitioner.

According to a spokesperson, “We have launched a discount card that would make life-saving and costly medicines affordable to common people. In many cases, it is seen that drug retailers tend to charge higher prices on branded medicines. They even charge higher amount for selling several generic medicines. This new discount card would definitely help them to afford effective drugs at much less price. We have even surveyed the market and are offering highest discount than any other company.”

The discount card would serve by enabling medicine buyers to get discounts from pharmacies and even stop them from looking for any particular medicine at a cheaper price. It would even prevent patients from switching to cheaper and alternative generic drugs. The spokesperson also added, “With such convenient discount prices, people can buy any actual prescribed drug under high rebates and save a few bucks also.”

Mark Taylor, a relative of a patient says, “My brother has no medical insurance policy that would help to save some money for his treatment and medical expenses. However, this discount card is offering great benefit for him. I use this card to buy all medicines prescribed by my physician. I have given a discount card of InCareRX to my brother and now he is able to save a lot of money while buying his life-saving drugs from medical stores.”

These medicine discount cards are distributed without any charge. The company even does not believe in competing with pharmacies. They are a huge hope for many patients who do not have any medical policy that covers their expenditure on medicines. These cards are also accepted by almost all medical pharmacies.

About InCareRx
InCareRx’s Prescription Discount Card can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies throughout the nation. Major pharmacy chains also accept the card. It does not cover any cash value or any medical insurance. Anyone can get benefit from the card and get discounts from the nearest pharmacies. There is no income or age restriction. For more details, visit

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