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InCloak.com Brings Anonymous and Safe Web Surfing to Desktop Users Around the World


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2012 -- HideME.ru the highly popular Russian Web proxy services provider has recently launched an English version known as InCloak.com. The Website specializes in proxy, VPN service and privacy tools to Internet users with various desktop operating systems.

All around the world, Internet users seek ways to remain anonymous to the Websites they visit. Those same users have been seeking ways to gain access to popular Websites that are blocked from entire groups of users. Many Internet users have relied on an anonymizer or Web proxy services to remain hidden or gain access to online TV, Xbox Live, Hulu, and other major content sites from around the world.

The popular Russian anonymizer service provider HideME.ru has finally designed an English Website for their services known as InCloak.com. “Our services allow users to change their real IP address to a provided anonymous IP that allows them to surf the Web safely without leaving a history and gain 100-percent access to previously blocked Websites,” said an InCloak.com specialist.

The InCloak.com anonymizer allows the user to set the server country of origin, choose any available IP address, filter malicious scripts, cut banners and add favorite and frequently visited Websites to the program’s toolbar. While the anonymizer works for a particular chosen program, the service provider offers a virtual Private Network (VPN) known as OpenVPN. The VPN client service provides maximum anonymity and security for all applications that utilize the Internet from the subscriber’s computer. “The main VPN advantage over any proxy or anonymizer is the way it provides anonymity and security for the entire computer right away,” said the specialist.

InCloak.com provides Site tools such as Web proxy, proxy list, Checker and more for as little as $0.04 a day or VPN access for as little as $0.11 a day with one-year subscriptions. Additional plans include daily, monthly and two-year subscriptions. The premium access plan provides full access to the anonymizer (and VPN, if the code is purchased with this option) without restrictions on use. A host of other features are also included.

New users can test the services for free without limitations via their free Web proxy for one hour as well as their VPN service for 24 hours. The Website also provides an Internet speed test to test the subscriber’s download and upload speed between the PC and the InCloak service provider. For more information, please visit http://incloak.com

About InCloak.com
InCloak.com is the English version of the popular Russian Website service provider HideME.ru. The company’s proprietary Web proxy script is considered the fastest and "smartest" proxy checker. Together with their high speed bandwidth VPN, subscribers can surf the Web anonymously and gain 100 percent access to popular blocked Websites.