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More and more people begin their search online when looking for a products and services from a new business.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- More and more people begin their search online when looking for a products and services from a new business. Get your Chicago-region business in the top of the rankings with Google place optimization from Lead King.

“We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the strategic use of key words on a web page that cause your page to move up in the rankings,” said Jack Lombardi, CEO of http://localbusinessleadking.com . “With high quality SEO you’ll be in the top of the Google search and in a much better position for customers to find you.”

With millions of people in the Chicago region and thousands of businesses, quality SEO for Chicago is what makes your web page stand out from the crowd.

Search engine optimization in Chicago is what we do best,” Mr. Lombardi said. “Our website designers know what people in Chicago look for, what key words they use in searches and we can tailor your web content to match that.”

Lead King offers their services in connection with Google Places, Facebook and website construction. They offer several packages for the most popular Chicagoland businesses as well.

“These are templates for a business. This is not the finished product, not a one-size-fit all approach,” Mr. Lombardi said. “Each one is custom fit to the business. We have templates to start with because there are certain basics in every business. For instance, every local retail store is going to have a storefront, things to sell and sales. The differences are what is old, where it is sold and so forth.”

He said that is where Google place optimization makes a difference.

Web marketing Chicago means understanding the people and how they do internet searches. Our staff studies the internet data to find out what’s hot and trending and what’s not. We use this information to make your website climb the ranking ladder,” Mr. Lombardi said.

Mr. Lombardi is so sure of the effectiveness of his service, he offers a no questions asked money back guarantee.

“Small businesses need help, need an occasional break and absolutely do not need to spend money on things that do no work. Our service works. I guarantee it,” he said. “Lead King started as a small business and we have grown tremendously thanks to customers who’ve learned what we can do for them. But, I still like to think of this place as a small business.”

For more information visit http://localbusinessleadking.com or call (708)355-0214 .