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Increase YouTube Views Helps People, Businesses Launch Their Videos to YouTube Stardom


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2012 -- YouTube is the third most visited website in the world with more than 3 billion videos viewed each day. From videos focused on music, comedy and unusual talents to product or service advertisements, people use the site to promote a large variety of things in hopes of garnering attention or sales.

But with more than 1.5 million videos uploaded to the site every day, no matter how interesting a person or company’s video is, standing out from the crowd and receiving a lot of YouTube views is very unlikely.

For help launching their videos to YouTube stardom, business owners, musicians, entertainers and individuals are turning to IncreaseYouTubeViews.com, an Internet video marketing company that features expert video advertising solutions. The company recently re-launched their website and reduced their pricing by 80 percent to provide the most beneficial video promotion on the market at the cheapest costs. With a team of experienced professionals who work specifically on YouTube marketing, the company helps customers increase YouTube views, as well as boost their search engine rankings.

Unlike competitors who use bots and proxies to generate fake YouTube views, the company promotes customers’ videos to real people through its network of high-traffic websites. This not only prevents customers from having their videos blocked, but also provides them with a host of potential buyers and people who are truly interested in their video’s subject matter.

Small businesses and individuals can choose from a number of affordable YouTube promotion packages offered by IncreaseYouTubeViews.com. Packages start at just $9.99 and provide people with YouTube comments, views, subscribers, “I Like” ratings and much more.

In addition to helping customers buy YouTube views, the company also offers a variety of other services to help them understand the essentials in making their video go viral. These services include a blog with insightful tips and detailed ways to increase YouTube views and an eBook with the secret tools to success, which is included in certain packages and sold separately for about $47.

Past customers are already raving about the success they have had with help from IncreaseYouTubeViews.com.

M. Geoffries from California said, “Wow what a difference your promotion makes. My business has had 33 percent more sales over the past month and many of the sales were direct hits from the YouTube video you helped promote. You were very professional and of all the websites I have tried, I have to admit you were the most effective.”

For more information about the available YouTube promotion packages offered by the company or how to increase YouTube views, visit http://www.IncreaseYouTubeViews.com

About IncreaseYouTubeViews.com
Recently re-launched with prices reduced by 80 percent, IncreaseYouTubeViews.com is an Internet video marketing company providing expert video advertising solutions at the cheapest costs on the web. The company helps businesses and individuals increase their YouTube views and search engine rankings by promoting customers’ videos to real people through their network of high-traffic websites. With a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating, the company continues to grow and offers unsurpassed results.