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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- The full understanding of the capabilities of the mind is still unfinished; science is only beginning to uncover the true potential of the human brain. All that which was once dismissed as mumbo jumbo is now being considered as the actual power the human brain holds. One such phenomena are the various psychic powers that only a few have claimed to have however advancements in our understanding is exposing the idea that psychic ability might not be as rare as once thought. James Carter is a writer, an intuitive Reader, a Mystic, a Psychic Theorist and a Regular Meditator has recently launched his own blog aptly titled James Carter Mysteries, on this blog James aims to educate people about psychic phenomenon and all the mysteries related to the subject, the blog has been designed to help people expand their understanding of Psychic abilities and how they too can unlock their psychic potential.

As a Psychic Theorist James believes that the first and foremost step towards realizing one’s psychic capabilities is about opening the mind and trust oneself and the surroundings,

“Opening yourself to your psychic abilities and powers is about trusting first yourself and second the Universe. You have to trust in yourself before you can be trusting of any of your thoughts. Simply believing is the biggest hurdle that many of us face when it comes to believing in our psychic abilities. The second biggest hurdle is believing in yourself enough to ignore the people who do not believe.” Says James Carter. In his post “7 signs that you might be psychic” he shares with his readers the various different signs and clue which will help them in understanding their psychic powers. Unlocking one’s extraordinary powers is much easier if one has an understanding of what makes them special, signs such as picking up on others feeling and emotion or the tendency to know things are about to occur even before they happen are some of the psychic powers people might and not know much about. James explains in his post:

“Some believe its genetics. While others believe that we all have special abilities based on what we are most sensitive to. If you’re wondering why you never really noticed any abilities in yourself before, it’s because you weren’t taught how to develop them.”

In the corresponding blog post regarding developing psychic ability James teaches readers about how they can nurture their psychic abilities by opening the seven major chakras of the body. Opening the charkas will allow psychic energy to flow freely through the body making the abilities more pronounced and clearer.

About is a blog which mainly deals with exploring ESP, Mystical States and Psychic Phenomenon. James Carter is an Intuitive Reader, a Mystic, a Psychic Theorist, a Regular Meditator and a QiGong Fan.

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