Increasing Suicide Rates for Returning Vets AFTER Treatment

The Documentary "Medicating Normal" is about military veterans returning from war, receiving psychiatric care and polypharmacy. The unusual thing is that the number of suicides of such veterans AFTER this treatment is up significantly and far more than the general public. On March 16, 2020, Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse talk show will look at why.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2020 -- Dr. Mary Neal Vieten, PhD (Psychologist), ABPP, CDR, USN(RC) is the Founder/Director at Warfighter Advance, Inc., Washington D.C. She is a Navy veteran determined to support veterans returning to the USA with major trauma, toward health WITHOUT medication. She is committed to a tireless and honest effort to reduce the rate of post-deployment suffering and suicide. Her Warfighter Advance program changes the trajectory of the warfighter's post-deployment life from an existence characterized by an endless cycle of mental illness diagnoses, medications, medical appointments and disappointments to a life characterized by pride, productivity, healthy relationships, continued service, and advocacy for the same outcomes for their fellow service members. Dr. Vieten spent the majority of her professional career learning about, teaching and implementing effective responses to warfighters' operational trauma. Her expertise is recognized internationally. She is a board certi?ed clinical psychologist, who served the US Navy on active duty and Reserves for over 21 years and counting. Angela Peacock is one of the returning veterans, whose story of a hopeless trajectory of mental health hospitals and constant and increasing levels of polypharmacy is told in the video, Medicating Normal." This story is not ONLY important, but STUNNING! It speaks to us on many levels, but most immediately because of the growing discomfort with how we treat mental health patients in America. Over-medication of individuals seems to be prevalent, lack of nature or calming, comfortable environments. Many "Beautiful" locked wards have recently been built, but if you were suffering from debilitating trauma, would you want to be in an environment with minimal amount of outlets for normalcy: music, physical activity, human conversation, productive "work" to fill long days of medicated numbness. What really heals humans after inhuman trauma?

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