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Increasing Versatility with the WBT Application Development Kit

The versatility of the WBT is elevated by its Application Development Kit.


Fredericksburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- The versatility of the WBT is elevated by its Application Development Kit. Any software developer well versed in C++ can create first class signal analysis applications for the WBT with ease. The WBT App Development Kit uses a virtual machine based environment, so there is no need to prepare a new development computer and install a suite of tools to start new work.

Simply download the Application Development Kit, follow some basic setup instructions and in minutes you have a “batteries included” development environment running a variant of the wildly popular and well supported Ubuntu Linux in a virtual machine on your regular work computer.

The WBT Application Development Kit contains the following components:

- The WBT API - an updatable package giving the developer command and control of the WBT platform.
- The Qt Creator IDE - a suite of tools to facilitate the rapid creation of simple and powerful advanced graphical user interfaces.
- Open GL Development support - giving WBT developers access to the latest hardware accelerated 2d and 3d graphics capability for smooth and stunning visualizations.
- The Qt Widgets for Technical Applications Library (QWT) – a powerful suite of easy to use, “batteries included” open source visualizations to use in WBT applications. A developer can create spectrum plots, spectrograms, histograms and many more data visualizations with minimal effort.
- Miscellaneous tools for graphics and icon editing, differencing and merging. WBT developers have spoken and we have listened, we want this tool to be as convenient as possible to use.

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