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Incredible PT-FIT Offer - Free Taster Sessions Available This October


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- PT-FIT ( are delighted to announce that they will be giving people the opportunity to try their services for free this October. The company recognises that choosing a personal trainer is a big decision, and thus they have decided to provide this exclusive offer so that the people of London can try out their services before committing. Free taster sessions are available all month long, and those who are interested can easily sign up via the PT-FIT website.

PT-FIT are one of the leading personal training companies in London. The team is made up of 20 of the country's leading male and female personal trainers, all of whom provide mobile personal training, which allows individuals to train in a location that is most suitable for them, from their workplace, to the local park, or in the comfort of their own home. They cover the whole of London, and can help all types of people to achieve their goals, from those training for a sporting event to individuals who simply want to gain a better quality of health. One of their clients, David Miller, had the following to say: "My experience thus far with PT-FIT has been exceptional. The results I have seen in such a short space of time have totally given me faith in having a personal trainer for the long term!"

PT-FIT have introduced free taster sessions this month for those who want to see whether mobile training is for them, or simply whether PT-FIT is the company for them. These sessions will give potential clients a great insight into what they can expect if they take advantage of the company's personal training service. They will get an instant feel as to whether it is the right thing for them, and there is no obligation to continue with the service afterwards.

One of the reasons why PT-FIT have such an exceptional reputation in the industry is because the service they provide is the full package. They give clients all the tools they need to achieve their goals, whether this is weight loss, muscle toning, or improving strength or endurance for a certain event. Their experienced personal trainers provide a service that is customised to their clients' unique goals, and programs are designed taking into account the individual's level of fitness, so that these goals can be met in a safe and effective manner.

The company recognises that a lot of individuals will want to enjoy a combination of professional personal training sessions and their own workout sessions. The company will happily provide training programmes to help all individuals so that they can get the most out of their own personal training sessions, and these programmes will be available via their online support system. The personal trainers at PT-FIT do not only advise on the best workouts to embrace, but they give information on weight management, nutrition, and other lifestyle changes that will help their customers to feel great and achieve their goals. Jeff Bond, one of PT-FIT's clients, stated: "I would highly recommend these guys to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals. The support and motivation I have received has been first class from day one."

Another way in which PT-FIT aim to differentiate themselves from other companies in the market is with their affordable prices. They recognise that a lot of people have the perception that professional personal training is only for the rich and famous. They want to show people that this is not the case, which is another one of the reasons why they are inviting people to try one of their sessions for free this month.

To discover more about the service that is provided by PT-FIT, or to apply for one of their free taster training sessions, individuals can head to their website at

For any queries, PT-FIT can be contacted via email or telephone, and they welcome all types of enquiries, no matter how big or small. To speak to someone from the company directly, call 0208 144 5318. To send an email, use the online contact form or send a message to The company aims to respond to all enquiries within a 24-hour period.