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Incursion: Sibling Loyalty and Demons of the Past Collide in Compelling Second Volume of the Narrows of Time Series

Masterfully crafted by Jay J. Falconer, Incursion follows the smash-hit release of Linkage, in which two foster brothers raced to save humanity from certain extinction at the hands of an inter-dimensional invasion force. In volume two, Drew is still missing and Lucas will stop at nothing to save his brother. However, plenty of adversity steps in the way as he fights to not only save their own unbreakable bond, but the lives of everyone on the planet.


Prescott, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Bringing a fresh new twist to the science fiction genre, Jay J. Falconer stormed the literary scene with gusto in September, 2011 with the release of Linkage. The novel, forming Part One of the Narrows of Time series, achieved critical acclaim with its save-the-world narrative infused with jaw-dropping twists and a touch of humor that have become hallmarks of Falconer’s style. Three years later and with fans chomping at the bit for more, the author is delighted to announce the release of Volume Two.

Incursion continues the story of a quest against evil and the iron-clad loyalty of two brothers trying to save humanity from extinction. As with all good sci-fi narratives – it’s not quite that easy.

Hunted, tortured, and marooned on remote Earth outpost Eutopia 3, Lucas Ramsay vows to stop at nothing to find his missing brother, Drew, as he battles to stay one step ahead of those who want his head—literally. It’s been over a year since the Krellian invasion of Earth, but he is no closer to finding Drew, who is lost somewhere in the cosmos. Lucas’ heart aches with the need to find his only brother; yet, he can’t allow emotion to distract him from his quest when he learns that the newly elected leader of the colony, Cyrus, is planning something sinister against the weary citizens of Eutopia 3.

During his search, Lucas is targeted by a ferocious, phase-shifting Taku Beast that wants his skin for dinner, and he befriends a group of mysterious alien life forms called the Baaku, a race of pre-adolescent telepaths who seem harmless, but something is off: Are they trying to help him or hurt him? He can't decide.

Lucas’ mentor, Professor Kleezebee, has an ingenious plan to travel across time and dimension to restore the mangled timeline with the help of the nearly-complete Incursion Chamber and Smart Skin Suit, but can Lucas outwit Cyrus and his lethal Royal Guards long enough to recover the stolen energy modules needed to power the incursion device?

Lucas knows that destiny is waiting for him, but so are the haunting shadows of his own past, leading him into the ultimate showdown against both time and himself.

“The loyalty between Drew and Lucas forms a key theme throughout the book, but the twist is that they’re actually foster brothers and one is disabled. This adds a very real-world element to the fictional story, as they battle time and their own pasts to hopefully triumph over evil both inside and outside of their own lives,” Falconer says, who maintains a popular blog for the science and technology audience.

To date, reviews for book two have been overwhelmingly positive.

Dave Lathrop says, “The second book in the Narrows of Time series is radically different from the first. Whereby the first book was totally grounded on planet Earth, this sequel broadens and advances the plot in ways you don't see coming. The author has expanded the horizons of the initial book in every direction possible, and the results are outstanding!”

“This is a very unique science fiction story. There is action from beginning to end. The book has excellent character development, and transitions very well from the first book in the series. This may be made into a motion picture someday,” says Joni Marino.

Incursion is available now at: http://amzn.to/1niLNMc.

About Jay J. Falconer
Jay J. Falconer is an independent author, publisher, blogger, editor, engineer, and sci-fi junkie who lives in the mountains of northern Arizona where the brisk, clean air, and stunning mountain views inspire his work day.

He makes his online home at http://www.JayFalconer.com and is the author of the critically acclaimed Narrows of Time book series. If the mood strikes you, please use the Contact the Author form on his website to connect with him. Mr. Falconer would love to hear from you. He personally reads and responds to all inquiries.

Mr. Falconer is currently developing an all-new action sci-fi series titled Redfall. The first season is expected to be released in 2015.

His online blog can be found online at http://www.IncursionMag.com. Check it out if you’re interested in reading about the latest breakthroughs and announcements within the science and technology fields.