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Independent Developer Reinaldo Figueroa Draws Inspiration from Potato Salad Guy's Kickstarter Campaign to Create Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game

Reinaldo Figueroa, a solo game developer and the founder of GaminGirls Inc., has recently released his first ever title Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game. Interestingly, Reinaldo’s inspiration behind this game was the extraordinary success of the recently concluded Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign.


Davenport, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Indie game developer Reinaldo Figueroa has recently announced the launch of his maiden venture Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game. Reinaldo’s game is almost similar to Ant Smasher and challenges players to save their potato salad as it gets bombarded by waves of bugs. The players protect their potato salad by smashing the bugs under their finger. This addictive, free game has been released on Google Play, iOS, Amazon Appstore and the web.

Reinaldo Figueroa’s inspiration behind the release of his first title is a Kickstarter campaign that recently gained a lot of attention as the Potato Salad Guy’s Kickstarter Campaign. Zack “Danger”  Brown, now familiar as the Potato Salad Guy, wanted to raise just $10 to make his first bowl of potato salad. However, thousands of people supported this campaign just for a bite of their favorite potato salad and the project ended up raising $55,000. Reinaldo wanted to create a game where all these backers are put in a situation where they need to protect the creamy side dish they love so dearly.

Reinaldo explains his new game’s background saying, “After watching the international coverage of the crowdfunding campaign, bugs worldwide wanted their bite of the famously starchy and mayonnaise-y dish. It’s up to you to serve and protect… potato salad!”

Reinaldo accepts without any hesitation that his new game would not have come to existence without the inspiration he received from the Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign. “It was the energy behind this Kickstarter that got me excited enough to start making the games I've always wanted to make. Because of the Potato Salad Kickstarter, we now have three games in production and two more in the planning stage. If this hadn't happened, then I'd probably still be wishing that I was making games and not actually doing it,” he states.

A motivating quote from Zack, “It might not be that good. It's my first potato salad" is what kept Reinaldo motivated to keep going to make his game. “I think about this every day and hope my next bowl will be better than the last,” says Reinaldo.

Reinaldo has had a fourteen-year long career in art creation, scripting, direction, marketing and producing digital content. He quit his job in 2012 and settled in Bucharest, Romania. Founded in 2014, Reinaldo’s game development company GaminGirls Inc. produces games that are different from the traditional games for girls. Reinaldo creates games that are suited for girls who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

To play Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game free of charge, please visit

About GaminGirls Inc.
GaminGirls Inc.  is a game development company founded in 2014 by solo developer Reinaldo Figueroa. The company’s first ever creation Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game has been released recently.

Reinaldo Figueroa