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Independent Film Maker Mariusz Wojtowicz Launches Fundraising Campaign for His New Film Marionetka


Warsaw, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Independent film maker Mariusz Wojtowicz, the creator of Marionetka, a mesmerizing short film featuring expertly crafted and professionally manned marionettes with their own unique personalities and intriguing behaviors, is pleased to announce that he has launched a campaign on Indiegogo.com to help raise funds to complete the Marionetka project and release the film to audiences worldwide.

Mariusz Wojtowicz has been entertaining and delighting crowds for more than a decade with his street performances, single-person shows, foot-painted pictures, and of course, short films. Wojtowicz has received a great deal of acclaim for his past films, three of which have combined for 12 awards and three special mentions at international film festivals.

In the past Wojtowicz has produced and funded his own shows, which largely depend on the good will of the actors and technicians who donate their time to the project. Marionetka, however, is much more ambitious and grand in scale than Wojtowicz’s previous films and therefore will require outside support if the project is to be successful. Wojtowicz is seeking €38,000 from the global community to complete Marionetka and release the final version of the film.

Marionetka is a film about life, love and creation, and while the meaning behind the story is neither immediate nor obvious, the film intends to impact viewers on a visceral level through its highly aesthetic interpretations. Each puppet in Marionetka has been created in the illustrious Angelo Navarro workshop in Barcelona, and the film will feature an original score accompanied by professional acting and puppeteering.

Depending on their level of contribution, people who donate to the Marionetka crowdfunding campaign will be eligible to receive some fun and exciting perks, including digital photo albums chronicling the making of Marionetka, refrigerator magnets featuring original artwork, modular “puzzle” sculptures, invitations to the premier in Poland, Spain and Italy, long-sleeved Marionetka t-shirts and sweatshirts, signed DVDs and soundtracks, artwork printed on canvas and aluminum, dinner with Mariusz Wojtowicz, and much more.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about this exciting artistic endeavor is encouraged to visit the MARIONETKASHORT website to access articles, images, interviews from the creator and more.

About Marionetka
Marionetka is the fruit of an international collaboration - a result of profound friendship that the independent filmmaker Mariusz Wojtowicz has formed during his realisation of diverse artistic projects. The puppets come from Spain and are created in the Angelo Navarro workshop in Barcelona; the staff responsible for the making of the short film come from Italy; and the actors and crew hail from Poland. From the whole world comes the priceless support of making a dream come true. With ”Marionetka,” Mariusz wants to focus on making his highest-quality film, which is why he is asking for support through crowdfunding. For more information, please visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/marionetka/x/5874686.