Independent Schools Show Creative Use of App Technology, Says Tony Mcchrystal,


Liverpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- As classrooms embrace technology they have started to provide desktop PCs and handheld devices, opening up the doors for customised technology to take centre stage. Independent schools especially are more likely to experiment with this and the reason according to Tony Mcchrystal is because “Handheld devices in particular give a more personalised learning experience”.

This is because iPads are good for audio-visual presentations and can encourage a student to engage in the learning process. This is reflected in a Tony Mcchrystal free quote which says, “Giving students iPads may sound like an expense but they encourage responsibility and creative e-learning. The result is that students can create their own materials to structure thoughts better and make ideas flow effectively”.

But what about expenses? Tony Mcchrystal says about this, “Handheld devices are often cheaper than desktop computers and the variety of apps makes it ideal for international students who can use translation apps to enhance their understanding.”

The tablets can also be used to share e-books which are more environmentally friendly than carrying around real books. Tablets are ideal for carrying out research and one Tony Mcchrystal search suggestion is to download the Chrome or Google app to enhance search functionality.

As students can use it in their classes, it’s a valuable tool for making both the teacher’s and pupil’s lives easier. One Tony Mccrystal free quote on this is that “Students should use the tablet in different ways such as to collect books, present visual information or to record and practise any speaking ideas”. It’s also a wise idea to only use the tablet occasionally and not in replace of traditional pens and paper.

The idea of using an electronic tablet or similar device in a classroom may not please everyone but it does benefit pupils who wish to contact their parents. Another advantage is that pupils can search for relevant people via Google. By simply entering keywords such as ‘Tony Mccrystal search suggestion’ it will return thousands of results.

Technology and similar electronic devices in the classroom are also making everything more traceable. One Tony Mccrystal free quote on this is that, “There’s no longer any excuse that the dog ate the student’s homework – at the click of a button, teachers can see who has completed coursework and who hasn’t”. The Tony Mccrystal search suggestion of monitoring student website use is also a good means of ensuring this creative technology is applied appropriately and not misused.

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