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Independent Study Confirms Shapewear Promotes Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction

“Significant” reductions to participants’ waist, hip and thigh measurements and a quantitative reduction in cellulite documented in comprehensive study.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- The Black Purple, the online channel for premium anti-cellulite shapewear for women, and an affiliate of Cobalt Impex Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical and medical device marketer and distributor, is pleased to announce the findings of a clinical study conducted by Farcoderm International, an independent consumer products testing service.

Farcoderm studied 30 women, aged between 18 and 55, who wore Mass & Slim Slimming Shorts for a period of 30 days, eight hours per day.

Mass and Slim shapewear is infused with thousands of strategically placed Tourmaline® beads. The beads slightly increase local skin temperatures in target areas as the wearer moves through her normal daily activities. The higher temperatures cause the body to burn more calories and eliminate fat cells. The beads also help improve blood and lymph circulation, which further reduces cellulite and the orange-peel effect it causes on the skin.

"Mass & Slim products were developed as a healthier option to traditional cellulite treatments," says Nima Rafizadeh, President of The Black Purple. "Instead of pills, lasers and/or surgery, wearers can reduce cellulite as they move about in a comfortable garment."

Researchers evaluated participants for skin elasticity, skin moisturization, and waistline, hip and thigh circumferences. They measured the effect on cellulite using liquid crystal contact thermography and the results were classified in four stages: normal, initial cellulite, medium cellulite and advanced cellulite. Photographic evaluations were also conducted. Evaluations were completed at the beginning of the study, after 15 days and after 30 days.

A clinical evaluation was also performed by the Dermatologist to rate the "orange peel" appearance of skin, skin smoothness and skin compactness.

Highlights of the clinical study results (initial evaluation versus final evaluation):

* Skin Elasticity - an average improvement of 7.6%
* Skin Moisturization - an average improvement of 9.3%
* Waistline Circumference - an average reduction of 1.4% (maximum reduction 3.5%)
* Hip Circumference - an average reduction of 1.4% (maximum reduction 2.6%)
* Thigh Circumference - an average reduction of 1.6% (maximum reduction 4.3%)
* Liquid Crystal Contact Thermography - 67% of subjects showed a reduction of cellulite

Highlights of the Dermatologist's clinical evaluations:

* "Orange Peel" Appearance - improvements in 73% of the subjects
* Skin Compactness - improvements in 55% of the subjects
* Skin Smoothness - improvements in 67% of the subjects

Participants were asked to conduct a "self-assessment" of Mass & Slim Slimming Shorts in areas of tolerability, its effect on the "orange peel" appearance of their skin and its slimming efficacy:

* Tolerability (wearability) - 100% reported "Excellent"
* Effect on "orange peel" appearance - 56.7% reported "Excellent" or "Good"
* Effect on slimming - 60% reported "Excellent" or "Good"

"We are so pleased that our customers can now be confident of the positive effects that Mass & Slim products have on reducing cellulite and measurements", said Rafizadeh. "It's one thing to make a claim yourself, but to have it independently confirmed helps us to promote the safe, effective, non-invasive treatment of cellulite".

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