A New Science: From Light to Eternity

India Born US Author Mukesh Prasad Questions Age Old Theories of Physics in His New Book "A New Science: From Light to Eternity"


Waco, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2016 -- "A New Science: From Light to Eternity", a book written by India born US author Mukesh Prasad is now available in Amazon India. In this new book, Mukesh has provided a concise account of his efforts to question and redefine some of the most well accepted scientific theories, including Einstein's relativity theory, particle theory of light, the concept of time and its correlation with reincarnation or the eternal life. "A New Science: From Light to Eternity" also explains quantum physics and climate change from a hitherto unknown perspective.

Mukesh starts his book by requesting the readers to approach it with an open mind as the book questions some of the deepest beliefs of the common man. In spite of dealing with a difficult subject, the author has done extremely well to interpret everything in a lucid style that is understandable to all.

In the initial parts of the book, Mukesh discusses the wave-particle duality of light, one of the most fundamental theories of physics. However, Mukesh's discussion contradicts the commonly accepted notion that light can behave both as a wave and a particle. With many real life examples, Mukesh proposes that "Light is a wave. Light is not and never a particle."

Einstein's theory of relativity is considered to be an epoch-making discovery in modern Physics. The theory states that the speed of light within vacuum is the same regardless of the speed at which an observer travels. Mukesh says this theory is based upon an incorrect idea that there are "no privileged frames of reference" for light, and provides a counter example.

"A special frame of reference exists for every single ray of light. That frame of reference contains the points the ray is going through at the time the ray is going through those points. All other frames of reference are not equally special, or not equally privileged to that ray of light," he mentions.

Mukesh mentions that he found support in his view of time from the Indian sage Patanjali. This led him to formulate a theory of eternal life, including re-incarnation, claiming that the soul does not reside inside the human body. Instead, the humans live within their souls.

To read the entire book in paperback or Kindle version, please visit http://www.amazon.in/dp/153094838X

About Mukesh Prasad
Mukesh Prasad passed with the 55th course of NDA (National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla), having won the top positions in physics and mathematics throughout the six semesters he studied there. A computer science graduate from Yale University, Mukesh has been involved with several early internet protocols. Over the years, Mukesh has served several key positions in the industry.

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