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India: How-to Guide to Stay Safe - Powerful Guidebook Equips Travelers and Residents to Stay Safe in India and Explore Country with Gusto

Written by Chris Lancaster and based on two intensive years traveling the country, ‘India: How-To Guide To Stay Safe’ ensures that any tourist or Indian resident finds the country an awe-inspiring experience – not a matter of life and death. Having already shot to critical acclaim, the guide is expected to become a must-read for thousands of globetrotters.


Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- While India boasts some of the world’s most beautiful temples, majestic scenery and delectable food, it’s also a country that can quickly cause harm to any tourist or resident. Having extensively toured the country and learned an abundance of ways to stay safe, author Chris Lancaster’s new guidebook is a life-saving tool for anyone living in or thinking of visiting India.

‘India: How-To Guide To Stay Safe’ shows the first time or repeat traveler a wealth of essential ways to survive.


A travel book that is designed to give the reader knowledge about traveling in India; how to stay safe; based on practical experience of traveling in India for two years.

“Through all of its beauty and magic, India can quickly become unforgiving to the unprepared traveler or resident. It’s a harsh reality, but one small mistake can quickly become a matter of life or death. I’ve made these mistakes and, having come out alive, am now sharing safety tips and tactics so others can enjoy the country to its full extent,” says Lancaster.

Continuing, “I really would say that it is necessary and compulsory reading for anyone thinking of travelling to India. The few dollars it costs is nothing compared to coming home alive, enriched and with a lifetime’s worth of stories to tell people about your travels.”

Lancaster also urges everyone living in India to buy a copy of the book.

“It’s a big country and many Indians have only adapted to their local communities. I’ve traveled the length and breadth of the country and can confidently say that there’s an eclectic mix of risks and dangers everywhere. All Indians should purchase a copy to ensure their safety as they travel. You can never be too prepared.”

Readers are leaving rave reviews for the book.

“Good hints and tips. Can't stress how important and can't say too many times you must protect yourself but this book gives good sound sensible advice especially for first time travelers,” says M. Allen, who purchased the book through Amazon.

B.J. Hill was grateful for Lancaster’s wisdom, “You can tell the writer really spent some time in India. He does enjoy it but has run up against some tricky people and scams. In a poor country like this is you do understand they will do a lot of things to survive. India is an extremely interesting country that I want to visit, but I do appreciate learning how to stay safe. The book is written in a very readable manner and I enjoyed it a lot.”

‘India: How-To Guide To Stay Safe’ is available now in paperback, Kindle and audio formats: http://amzn.to/1an2oFM.

About the Author
Chris Lancaster lives in Aurora, Colorado.

Following twenty five years as a Charter Bus driver, Lancaster is now happily retired, and focusing his time on his work as an author.