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India Wants More Skype Servers from Microsoft


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- The Indian government is expected to demand the owners of Skype, Microsoft to set up more Skype servers in the country. The officials in India are finding it difficult to monitor the user communication because of the concealed structure of Skype. The country is facing numerous terrorist attacks and thereby more servers within the borders would allow the authorities to have proper control over user communication. The monitoring of communication between various users internally and externally can trace plans of terrorists and that is why India wants more Skype servers.

The decentralized system can create breach of security in future. So the Indian government will be contacting the users, operators and owners of applications with VOIP technology. Previously Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry also had problems with their encrypted messenger services. There is a chance to propose new amendments in law by the senior telecommunication security officials of Indian government.

The law will ensure a physical presence of VOIP companies in India by way of servers and offices. The purpose is to achieve an interception into terrorist plans and potential criminals. All possible threats from terrorists can be identified by monitoring communication. India wants more Skype servers as the primary goal of the government is to ensure security and safety to the citizens.

The Indian government feels, “If a few servers were installed within India’s borders it would give them more power and authority to monitor communication between users”

The usage of Skype services by people can be limited during a national crisis only when the power and authority of monitoring communication is vested in the hands of Indian government. The amendments of law and control will not resist the citizens’ right to use such services. It is just to ensure the security and safety of the country.

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About Skype
Skype is a popular video conferencing and chatting platform in the internet world. The IT giant Microsoft owns Skype from May 2011. Millions of people all over the world use this service for business purposes, chatting with friends, making conference calls and much more. The privacy policy of Skype is so secured that it will not allow any third party to read the text, voice and video message sent by the user.

There is possibly no other platform in the internet, where a person can communicate with so much privacy. However, India now wants more Skype servers because of the encrypted and decentralized structure of this system.

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