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Indian Doctor Shows for the First Time the Best Way to Increase Penis Size


Uttar Pradesh, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Dr. S. M. Mehmood, a professional Unani Herbal Sex Therapist has provided reliable scientific evidence in support of the efficacy of ayurvedic herbal penis enlargement medicines that are believed to increase the manhood. This new medicine is now scientifically proven safe and effective to provide an effective solution to those who are suffering from micropenis (smaller size as compared to the usual size of that age).

For many years, Ayurvedic and Unani herbal medicines bear no scientific proof with regard to their efficiency, but Dr. S. M. Mehmood was able to provide statistical data about the effectiveness of his herbal medicines to help people enlarge their penis size without any side effects and without any plastic surgery. The west has been criticizing Indian ayurvedic and unani medicines for not being able to provide any solid proof, or scientific data in support of their claims. Till today these herbal medicines are considered just plain food supplements in markets like US, Canada, Australia and the UK. However, in India these products are characteristically classified as proper traditional medicines with professional doctors being only able to prescribe to the patients. Just because of lack of scientific analysis and research, these otherwise tremendously effective medicines have not found the respect they actually deserve. The recent work done by this Indian Doc is perhaps a big milestone, which could be followed by many others to bring the spotlight back to these forgotten systems of medicine.

Dr. S. M. Mehmood has conducted a research on a group of fifty male volunteers with various penile sizes (most of them below average) of ages 25 to 50, using his products such as Xtra Large Capsules, Musli Power Extra and Xtra Power Capsules. The trials had been carried out for more than a period of three months, between August 10 and October 9, 2013. After these periods, they have proven that ayurvedic medicines really work safely and effectively, increasing the size (length and width) naturally over time. These medicines are now regarded as safe and effective treatment for those who are suffering from sexual dysfunctions, specially short penis size, without experiencing any harmful side effects.

These Ayurvedic herbal medicines are products of strict quality control and rigorous trials to ensure that people will obtain great results without suffering from any risky side effects. These highly powerful medicines are perfect for those who are searching for the best quality product with proven efficacy and reliability. These powerful penis enlargement medicines are created to boost the sexual experience of many people in a very effective and safe way possible.

These medicines are very popular in India. Millions of people have got benefited from these medicines. These powerful herbal medicines are made of natural and active ingredients that are safe to use. With the knowledge and expertise of Dr. S. M. Mehmood in his field, he was able to create innovative products that will improve the sex life of those who are suffering from sexual problems.

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