Indian Wedding Caterer, @Maharaja Enters the Market with a Boom

Maharaja London Limited Has Shelled Out A Huge Sum To Obtain The Domain Name


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2015 -- The news that Indian Catering Company has paid £75,000 for acquiring the Domain Name may be surprising to everyone. Though it is true that the economy of UK has started improving, people are wary and are still adopting frugal ways in their spending. It is in this context this news surprises everyone.

In general, most of the domain names business owners choose may clearly convey the types of services or products they offer. Domain names like and are classic examples. But looking at, people may not easily know what services this entity may be offering. So, people may be at a loss to understand why this is a highly sought-after domain name.

Moz that is considered as a digital marketing authority says, "There are a number of considerations when selecting a domain name. Among them are making the name short, easy to remember, and easy to type. It is also important that the name be easy to type into a browser. This is especially true for websites that rely on word-of-mouth advertising, which forces people to type domain names they might not be familiar with into their web browser." does not have any unnecessary characters, hyphens, etc. and so, it is a reputable domain. Abigail Moses, PR Manager of Maharaja London Limited says, "We are incredibly excited to have bagged With having an online presence being so important for our growth plans this will really help turn Maharaja into a widely - celebrated brand." Abigail also points out that they have obtained the single word twitter handle @Maharaja ( and this will certainly create envy in the minds of many other Asian businesses.

People may like to know the definition of the word "Maharaja." The meaning of this word is "great ruler", "great king" or "high king" and so, it is a very prestigious word that conveys themes like luxury, affluence, lifestyle of a very high quality and standard and respect. Simply put, brand Maharaja immediately brings to mind these qualities. Therefore, the business name, Maharaja, is not only perfect but may inspire customers to vicariously identify themselves with.

Even a desultory research about the word "Maharaja" will reveal that branding seems to be a very important factor for Maharaja London Limited. Further, just a glance at their website reveals that they have followed the dictum of uniformity and adopted this aspect as the theme on their site. Though choosing short names and adopting SEO techniques for building brand image are the usual norms, this purchase shows that Maharaja London Limited will not hesitate to travel any distances for reaching the top in their market as well as on the ranking pages of the search engines.

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Maharaja London Limited, a new Indian Catering Company has paid £75,000 for acquiring the Domain Name This shows that they will not hesitate to travel any distances for building their brand image and for reaching the top on the ranking pages of the search engines.

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