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Indiana Beauty School the Salon Professional Academy Maintains Impressive Graduation/Placement Rates


Kokomo, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- The Salon Professional Academy in Kokomo, Indiana is proud to announce that they have attained an 84 percent graduation rate and 84-percent placement rate. The Indianapolis beauty school provides skilled professional instructors, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment as well as comprehensive curriculums in all facets of cosmetology arts and sciences education.

Proving once again that it is among the best bauty schools in Indiana as well as the nation, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) in Kokomo, Indiana is able to boast a student graduation rate for Cosmetology, Nails, and Esthetics of 84 percent. This statistic is made even more impressive by their 84 percent job placement rate for graduating TSPA students.

“One of our most recent graduates, Meghan Rodenbeck, had two job offers before graduation and chose the Associates program at Solutions Salon & Spa with plans for further education,” said TSPA Director of Education, Suzan Hutchison. “As a Redken premier school we have contacts in over 7,000 Redken salons in all 50 states, and the high level of educational accomplishments of our graduates enables us to meet and often exceed their requirements for incoming professionals.”

Hutchison is a Redken Artist that has traveled the world educating salons on new and upcoming Redken products for over 20 years, which makes her a vital asset and huge inspiration to students. In addition to their highly experienced staff of professional instructors, the Academy has direct educational access to Redken’s Michael Cole, Chris Barron, Tina Terry Hunt, the Summit Salon Business Center, and many other industry leaders who lend their expertise to The Academy.

When it comes to cosmetology schools Indiana campus comparisons, TSPA boasts a 9,000+ square-foot educational facility with state-of-the-art equipment for hair, nail and skin care, a student lounge, classroom and office areas. The leading beauty school is also located close to reasonably priced apartments and has a list of discounted apartments for their students.

The beauty school Indiana cosmetology program at TSPA consists of a 1,500-hour training program that thoroughly prepares students to pass state board exams and perform hair, skin, and nail services in top salons. Additionally, TSPA offers a 700-hour Esthetics curriculum and 600-hour Manicurist curriculum with financial aid now available for their nail tech program. In addition, TSPA now offers an online experience where students can access tutorials and take practice tests online through Artist Access Online Learning Systems.

The Indiana cosmetology school is also introducing a Financial Literacy class into their curriculum to educate students about money management, credit scores, business income and expenses as well as other financial aspects of their personal and professional lives. An annual Career Fair at TSPA Kokomo featuring area salons provides one more opportunity for graduates to bring a resume and get information about each salon and what they have to offer. For more information, please visit http://kokomotspa.com/

About The Salon Professional Academy
The Salon Professional Academy of Kokomo, Indiana provides comprehensive curriculum's in all facets of cosmetology arts and sciences education. With skilled professional instructors, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the school produces highly trained graduates that are fully prepared to pass state board exams and work in leading salons. Educational systems and programs are updated constantly to maximize student benefit and maintain the highest educational quality.