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Indiana Personal Injury Firm Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch Launches a New Mobile Website


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch, an Indiana personal injury firm of experienced attorneys, has just launched a new and easy-to-navigate mobile website. The new user-friendly site, http://www.yoshalaw.com/mobile, allows people to see all of the information that is included on the main site, but in a way that is optimized for mobile viewing.

For anyone who is involved in an accident, having immediate access to information about Indianapolis personal injury lawyers who are experienced and caring is vital. Instead of having to wait until they can get to their computers, the new mobile website will allow people to visit the firm’s site right from the scene of the collision. Or, for people who have learned that their loved ones have been hurt in an accident, they can also use the mobile site to immediately begin to read about and contact the firm.

Launching the new mobile website is just one of the many ways the law firm of Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch strives to offer its clients the best possible customer service and care. The personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis have more than 122 years worth of collective experience practicing law, and have a wide range of litigation experience in serious personal injury cases. Whether someone has been hurt in a car, truck or motorcycle accident or has been injured in a fire or explosion, the attorneys at the firm are ready to provide extremely insightful and expert service.

“Every attorney at Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch offers professional and competent representation to those seeking an injury lawyer in Indianapolis,” an article on the firm’s website said, adding that the attorneys help investigate and develop client claims related to Indianapolis personal injuries or wrongful death.

“The attorneys in our firm come from varied backgrounds and bring a unique set of skills and experience to address your particular needs. Our knowledgable, experienced, and aggressive team of attorneys, paralegals, and litigation professionals focus entirely on helping injured people.”

Anybody who is interested in learning more about Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch may visit either the firm’s regular website or new mobile site at any time; there they can read about the firm’s many areas of expertise as well as information about the attorneys who work there.

About Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch
Buddy Yosha, the founding member of Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch, is well recognized throughout the legal community in Indianapolis and nationwide. He is respected for his expertise in the area of personal injury, civil litigation, trial advocacy, and strategy. The firm focuses exclusively on cases involving serious Indianapolis injury or injustice caused by someone else’s wrongful actions or negligence. For more information, please visit www.yoshalaw.com